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*/9/2011 version 0.9.6
* restored previous behavior of command-line switches (allowing "-rfilename")
* removed -p option (--play) from edit command
* `edit` with no arguments now edits the current or most recent expression
* `edit` auto-reloads .rb files (need to specify -n to suppress)
* added -p option (--patch) to edit-method command, which allows
monkeypatching methods without touching the original file
* edit-method can now edit REPL-defined methods
* cat --ex now works on exceptions in REPL-defined code
* play -m now uses eval_string.replace()
* play -m --open uses show-input to show play'd code
8/9/2011 version 0.9.5
- JRuby support, including show-method/edit-method and editor integration on both 1.8 and 1.9 versions
- extended cd syntax: cd ../@x/y
- play command now works much better with _in_ array (this is a very powerful feature, esp with Pry::NAV_PROMPT)
- history saving/loading is now lightning fast
- 'edit' (entered by itself) now opens current lines in input buffer in an editor, and evals on exit
- 'edit' command is also, in general more intelligent
- ls output no longer in array format, and colors can be configured, e.g: = :bright_blue
- new switch-to command for moving around the binding stack without exiting out of sessions
- more sophisticated prompts, Pry::NAV_PROMPT to ease deep spelunking of code
- major bug fix for windows systems
- much better support for huge objects, should no longer hang pry (see #245)
- cat --ex and edit --ex now work better
complete CHANGELOG:
* tempfile should end in .rb (for edit -t)
* ls output should not be in array format
* fix history saving (should not save all of Readline::HISTORY, but only what changed)
* prevent blank lines going to Readline::HISTORY (thanks cirwin!)
* ensure that cat --ex emulates the `whereami` format - includes line numbers and formatted the same, etc
* fixed bug #200 ( )- string interpolation bug (thanks to ryanf)
* show-doc and stat now display method visibility (update WIKI)
* got rid of warnings caused by stricter ruby 1.9.3 rules
* remove interpolation of command names and fix interpolation error messag (update WIKI) (thanks ryanf!)
* 'nested sessions' now use binding stacks (so each instance manages its own collection of bindings without spawning other instances)
* 'cd ..' just pops a binding off the binding_stack with special behaviour when only one binding in stack - it breaks out of the repl loop
* added switch-to command (like jump-to but doesnt unwind the stack)
* show-method and show-doc now accept multiple method names
* control_d hook added (Pry.config.control_d_handler)
* behaviour of ^d is now to break out of current expr if in multi-line expr, or break out of current context if nested, or break out of pry repl loop if at top-level
* can no longer interpolate command name itself e.g #{x}-#{y} where x = "show" and y = "doc"
* ^C no longer captured
* got rid of Pry.active_instance, Pry.last_exception and friends.
* also special locals now shared among bindings in a pry instance (i.e _ex_ (and friends) re-injected into new binding entered with 'cd')
* renamed inp and out to _in_ and _out_ (to avoid collisions with actual locals in debugging scope)
* added third parameter to prompts, the pry instance itself (_pry) see for why it's important
* cd behaviour when no args performs the same as `cd /`
* commands with keep_retval can now return nil (to suppress output now return 'void' instead)
* Pry::CommandProcessor::Result introduced
* Pry.view_clip() modified to be more robust and properly display Class#name
* edit command when invoked with no args now works like edit -t
* when edit is invoked (with no args or with -t) inside a multi-line expression input buffer, it dumps that buffer into a temp file and takes you to it
* got rid of Pry#null_input? since all that was needed was eval_string.empty?
* cd command now supports complex syntax: cd ../@y/y/../z
* JRuby is no longer a 2nd class citizen, almost full JRuby support, passing 100% tests
* added Pry::NAV_PROMPT (great new navigation prompt, per robgleeson) and Pry::SIMPLE_PRINT for simple (IRB-style) print output (just using inspect)
* _pry_ now passed as 3rd parameter to :before_session hook
* ls colors now configurable via = :bright_red etc
* ls separator configurable via, e.g = " "
* Pry.view_clip() now only calls inspect on a few immediates, otherwise uses the #<> syntax, which has been truncated further to exclude teh mem address, again related to #245
*/7/2011 version 0.9.3
* cat --ex (cats 5 lines above and below line in file where exception was raised)
* edit --ex (edits line in file where exception was raised)
* edit -t (opens a temporary file and evals it in current context when closed)
* `pry -r` requires now happen after plugin loading (so as not to interfere with
* new Pry.config.disable_auto_reload option, for turning off auto reloading by edit-method and related (thanks ryanf)
* add better error messages for `cd` command
* fixed exotic object regression - etc now return "=> unknown"
* added reload-method command (reloads the associated file of a method)
* converted: import => import-set, version => pry-version, install => install-command
* Pry.config.command_prefix support (thanks ryanf!)
* fixed indentation for simple-prompt
* hist command now excludes last line of input (the command invocation itself)
* hist now has `history` alias
* missing plugins no longer raise exception, just print a warning to $stderr
* fixed jedit editor support
21/6/2011 version 0.9.2
* fixed string interpolation bug (caused valid ruby code not to execute, sorry!)
* fixed `ls` command, so it can properly display members of Object and classes, and BasicObject, etc
* added a few git related commands to experimental command set, blame and diff
17/6/2011 version 0.9.0
* plugin system
* regex commands
* show-method works on methods defined in REPL
* new command system/API
* rubinius core support
* more backports to ruby 1.8
* inp/out special locals
* _ex_ backtrace navigation object (_ex_.line, _ex_.file)
* readline history saving/loading
* prompt stack
* more hooks
* amend-line
* play
* show-input
* edit
* much more comprehensive test suite
* support for new and old rubygems API
* changed -s behaviour of ls (now excludes Object methods)
* removed eval-file, lls, lcd, and a few other commands
26/3/2011 version
* added slightly better support for YARD
* now @param and @return tags are colored green and markdown `code` is syntax highlighted using coderay
26/3/2011 version 0.7.6
* `whereami` command now accepts parameter AROUND, to display AROUND lines on eitherside of invocation line.
* made it so `whereami` is invoked even if no method exists in current context (i.e in rspec tests)
* added rubinius support for `whereami` invocation in HOOKS by checking for __unknown__.rb rather than just <main>
15/3/2011 version 0.7.0
* add pry-doc support with syntax highlighting for docs
* add 'mj' option to ls (restrict to singleton methods)
* add _ex_ local to hold last exception raised in an exception
6/3/2011 version 0.6.8
* add whereami command, a la the `ir_b` gem
* make whereami run at the start of every session
* make .pryrc be loaded by run-time pry sessions
4/3/2011 version 0.6.7
* color support
* --simple-prompt for pry commandline
* -I mode for pry commandline
* --color mode for pry commandline
* clean up requires (put them all in one place)
* simple-prompt command and toggle-color commandd.
28/2/2011 version 0.6.3
* Using MethodSource 0.3.4 so 1.8 show-method support provided
* `Set` class added to list of classes that are inspected
26/2/2011 version 0.6.1
* !@ command alias for exit_all
* `cd /` for breaking out to pry top level (jump-to 0)
* made `-e` option work in a more effective way for `pry` command line invocation
* exit and exit-all commands now accept a parameter, this parameter becomes the return value of repl()
* `command` method from CommandBase now accepts a :keep_retval arg that determines if command value is returned to pry session or just `nil` (`nil` was old behaviour)
* tests for new :keep_retval and exit-all/exit behaviour; :keep_retval will remain undocumented.
22/2/2011 version 0.5.8
* Added -c (context) option to show-doc, show-methods and eval-file
* Fixed up ordering issue of -c and -r parameters to command line pry
21/2/2011 version 0.5.7
* Added pry executable, auto-loads .pryrc in user's home directory, if it
19/2/2011 version 0.5.5
* Added Pry.run_command
* More useful error messages
* Easter eggs (game and cohen-poem)
17/2/2011 version 0.5.0
* Use clipped version of Pry.view() for large objects
* Exit Pry session on ^d
* Use Shellwords for breaking up parameters to pry commands
* Use OptionParser to parse options for default pry commands
* Add version command
* Refactor 'status' command: add current method info
* Add meth_name_from_binding utility lambda to commands.rb
* Add -M, -m, -v(erbose), -a(ll), -s(uper), -l(ocals), -i(ivars), -k(klass
vars), etc options to ls
* add -M(instance method) options to show-method and show-doc
* add --help option to most commands
* Get rid of ls_method and ls_imethods (subsumed by more powerful ls)
* Get rid of show_idoc and show_imethod
* Add special eval-file command that evals target file in current context
27/1/2011 version 0.4.5
* fixed show_method (though fragile as it references __binding_impl__
directly, making a name change to that method difficult
27/1/2011 version 0.4.4
* oops, added examples/ directory
26/1/2011 version 0.4.3
* added alias_command and desc methods to Pry::CommandBase
* changed behaviour of ls_methods and ls_imethods to return sorted lists
of methods
23/1/2011 version 0.4.1
* made it so a 'def meth;end' in an object Pry session defines singleton
methods, not methods on the class (except in the case of
* reorganized documentation, moving customization to a separate wiki file
* storing wiki in a nested git repo, as github wiki pages have their own
* added more tests for new method definition behaviour
21/1/2011 version 0.4.0
* added command API
* added many new commands, i.e ls_methods and friends
* modified other commands
* now accepts greater customization, can modify: input, output, hooks,
prompt, print object
* added tab completion (even completes commands)
* added extensive tests
* added examples
* many more changes
9/12/2010 version 0.1.3
* Got rid of rubygems dependency, refactored some code.
8/12/2010 version 0.1.2
* now rescuing SyntaxError as well as Racc::Parser error in valid_expression?
8/12/2010 version 0.1.0
* release!