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Resume Man

Resume Man is an HTML and PDF resume builder made in Ruby with Middleman.

It has the following features:

  • Separation between content and data, all your resume information is an YAML file.
  • Fork this project for maintening multiple versions of your resume in sync.
  • Markdown for formatting of the longer paragraphs.
  • Default template included: SRT.
  • You can preview your changes with Middleman's included server (with livereload).
  • file included for use with Pow.
  • Automatic PDF generation using wkhtmltopdf.
  • Turnkey deployment to a page with no configuration necessary.
  • hResume microformat support.


See the result: sample resume.

In practice

Fork this project and name it resume for example. Follow the installation instructions below.

To create/update your resume, you'll just need to edit the data/resume.yml file. All keys with a desc: | header can be Markdown formated.

Here is what it looks like:

    name: Jonathan Doe
    shortdesc: Web Designer, Director
    phone: (313) - 867-5309
        - 123 Fake Street
        - City, Country
    desc: |
        You can put Markdown in here [like this](

You can preview your changes via if using Pow or http://localhost:4567/ otherwise.

bundle exec middleman build

Build the static version of your resume, it'll also create the PDF version.

bundle exec middleman deploy

Upload it to a github page. Your resume will be available at


If you forked to your own repo:

git clone<yourusername>/resume.git
cd resume


git clone
cd ResumeMan

Install all dependencies:

sudo gem install bundler
bundle install --path vendor/bundle

On Linux, don't forget to install the dev packages beforehand (Ubuntu 12.04 example):

sudo apt-get install build-essential ruby1.9.1-dev

If using Pow, this will setup a previewing server that will be available at

ln -s `pwd`/. ~/.pow/resume

Otherwise, you'll have to launch the previewing server manually:

bundle exec middleman
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