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@scriptcs @ritterim @up-for-grabs
Stephen Whitmore noffle

Have a question? Ask me at!

San Jose

Amanda Silver AmandaSilver

Director of Program Management for Developer Tools at Microsoft. Nerd of nerds.

Microsoft Seattle, WA

Matt Warren mattwar

Microsoft Redmond, WA, USA

Kirill Osenkov KirillOsenkov

Working on developer tools at Microsoft. .NET, C#, Roslyn, Visual Studio, VS Editor, WPF, MSBuild, MEF, CPS.

Microsoft Redmond, WA

Neal Gafter gafter

Microsoft Redmond, WA

Brendan Forster shiftkey

Nomadic Software Engineer and Troublemaker. OSS Cat Herder. Here, there and everywhere.


Keith Dahlby dahlbyk

HuBoard Cedar Rapids, IA

Maarten Balliauw maartenba

Loves ASP.NET MVC, C#, Microsoft Azure, PHP, ... Co-founded - Developer Advocate at JetBrains. Frequent speaker at various developer events.

Antwerp, Belgium

Reg Braithwaite raganwald

@pagerduty, formerly @github, @unspace, devtopia, kl group/sitraka, codestorm, publishing revenue partners. javascript allongé, what i learned from failure, &c.

@PagerDuty Toronto, Canada

Dustin Campbell DustinCampbell

I work on Roslyn, the C# extension for Visual Studio Code, OmniSharp, and am a member of the C# language design team.

Microsoft Redmond, WA

Theo Yaung theoy

@facebook London, UK

Scott Blomquist sblom

Microsoft Open Technologies, Inc. Redmond, WA USA

Anders Hejlsberg ahejlsberg

Microsoft Redmond, WA, USA

Tim Graham TimGIMT

Ritter Insurance Marketing Harrisburg, PA

Allen Brubaker allenbrubaker

Ritter Insurance Marketing Harrisburg, PA

Ken Dale kendaleiv

Jesus follower, software developer, Microsoft MVP, musician, speaker, my rice cooker plays music.

Filip W filipw

Zurich, Switzerland

Adron Hall Adron

Code, bikes, and metal. Some other things get thrown around in there now and again too.

Thrashing Code Portland, OR

Dan Rigby DanRigby

Xamarin Technical Solutions Professional at Microsoft.

Microsoft Raleigh, North Carolina

Rob Reynolds ferventcoder

Senior Software Engineer, Puppet (@puppetlabs). Creator and lead maintainer of Chocolatey (@chocolatey). Fan of automation and good user experience.


Khalid Abuhakmeh khalidabuhakmeh

I am Director of Software Development @ritterim and work on OSS .NET projects with others at the organization and outside of it.

@ritterim New Cumberland, Pa

Filip Ekberg fekberg

fekberg AB Gothenburg

Cecil Phillip cecilphillip

.NET Developer, Podcaster, Teacher, Swimmer, & Music Lover. Born and Raised in Antigua

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

David Fowler davidfowl

Microsoft Bellevue, WA

Troels Thomsen tt

@heroku Copenhagen, Denmark