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* The example tar script now does not throw an error the first time the script runs.
* Now works correctly when only backing directories up once a day (limit => 1).
* Backup directories and exclude directories can now contain spaces.
* A per-host shell command can now be run for both a successful and
unsuccessful backup (Nathan).
* A different style of incremental backups is now available for each
the hard link method is not used and only changed files are put into
the backup directories. Useful for backup setups with lots of files
* The ssh port is now configurable (Phil Schultz <>)
* Include patterns are now supported (Dan Allen <>)
* If ribs is backing up its host machine as the current user ssh is not used
and no password is needed (Dan Allen <>)
* Added example test configuration and directory for easy testing of RIBS.
* Made default config options more sensible.
* Fixed bug where logfile wasn't created if it wasn't already present.
* Code cleanup.
* Moved reinit to its own function and made it possible to reinit
configurations that aren't turned on (Phil Schultz
* Backups will try and finish all specified backups even if an error
is hit during one of them (Phil Schultz
* Fixed Console_Getopt bugs. Must be using version 1.0 of that library now.
* Cleaned up the README
* Added --test option which performs a dry run.
* Added --reinit option which reinitializes the backup from scratch.
* Added --debug option which outputs debug information.
* Improved error handling so that hitting CTRL-C during execution
shouldn't cause program to hang.
* Fixed bug where multiple excludes weren't working (Thanks to Brian
Johnson blj AT thermoanalytics DOT com).
* Added examples in the README on how to use the excludes feature
* Added example in the README on how to extract an incremental backup.
* Code cleanup.
* Now using PEAR's Getopt utility to make the obtaining of command line
args work with different versions of PHP
* Fixed up some the documentation to be more accurate.
* Initial release