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Build OLD

This project contains two Python scripts to be used as command-line tools:

  1. installs the OLD (on Ubuntu 10.04, at least)
  2. builds OLDs once the OLD software is installed.

A command line utility for installing the OLD, on Ubuntu 10.04. Additional platforms may be supported in future versions.


To install the OLD:

$ ./

A command line utility for building (and serving) OLD applications. The server that this is run on must already have the OLD software ( and all of its dependencies installed. This is what buildold does:

  1. Creates needed directories.
  2. Creates the MySQL database.
  3. Runs paster commands to:
    1. create the OLD config file,
    2. perform setup (build the tables and add default data), and
    3. serve the app.
  4. Modifies /etc/apache2/sites-available/<VIRT_HOSTS_FILE> appropriately.
  5. Restarts Apache.
  6. Adds a Cronjob to restart the OLD every minute, if it's down.


To build and serve an OLD called "bla" (e.g., for Blackfoot):

$ ./ bla

Additional information is required to build an OLD. You can specify it in options or let the script prompt you for it. The easiest, though, is to use the --config-file option to specify a path to a JSON config file that holds this information in an object with any of the following keys: 'mysql_user', 'paster_path', 'apps_path', 'vh_path', or 'host':

$ ./ bla --config-file=buildold.conf

To see available options:

$ ./ -h

To destroy an OLD that was built using this script:

$ ./ bla --destroy


Python-crontab ( should be installed if you want the OLD-restart cronjob to be created for you. But the script will still work without it.


  1. This script assumes that you are serving OLDs on a Debian/Ubuntu Linux server; it currently (probably) won't work on Mac or RHEL/CentOS. It basically follows the instructions of Chapter 21 Deployment of The Definitive Guide to Pylons.
  2. You'll run into problems if you change the vh_path option after you have installed OLDs with a different Apache virtual hosts config file. Don't do this.


  1. functionality for:

    • stop serving an OLD and redirect requests to a notification page.
    • start serving an already-built OLD that has been stopped.


Command-line utility for easily building (i.e., deploying) OLD applications.



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