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This is a very early release of a code base developed by Jesse Weaver for
experiments in his research. Very little documentation is provided, but I
(Jesse Weaver) got tired of telling people that I would open source this
code as soon as I had time to document it... a time that never seems to
come around. So, at least it's available now. Let's call it version 0.1.
Good luck.
Everything here is available under the Apache License, Version 2.0, with
the following exceptions.
* The txt files under ucs/scripts/ are licensed under the "Unicode, Inc.
License Agreement for Data Files and Software". See
ucs/scripts/README for more details, and
ucs/scripts/UNICODE_LICENSE for the actual license.
* Possibly lang/scripts/language-subtag-registry, which was retrieved from . See
lang/scripts/README for more details.
A complete copy of the Apache 2.0 license is given in LICENSE.
=== BUILDING ===
To generate and compile everything, make.
To run basic unit tests, make runtests.
To run all unit tests, make thorough.
To get rid of generated files, make clean.