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Be more expressive and DRY up (although not so much yet) your Erlang common test suites. See Wiki for more information.

Currently Implemented

* Any function prefixed with 'test_' will be exported
* use module attribute '-easy_test([Opt]).' to automatically
  export function Name/1. if {init, true} is specified export Name/0 as well
* automatically write and export the all/0 function from all autoexported tests
* use module attribute '-easy_group[Opts]).' or '-easy_test([..., {group, GroupName::atom()}, ...]).' 
  to specifiy common_test groups
* automatically write and export the groups/0 function from all groups 
  specified in '-easy_test' or '-easy_group'

To Be Implemented

* Support groups and group options through a function name prefix
* Try to make suites more DRY (still need to write test names at least twice, but thats still better
  than atleast three times). 
* Autoexport init_per_[suite | group | testcase] or provide some convention so init_per_* can be written like all/0
* Provide a module attribute to define suite opts and use it to write suite/0
* support '-easy_test(...)' Opts in -easy_group
* refactor to use erl_parse:abstract instead of explicitly writing each update to the AST. 


Below is a common test suite and a possible conversion using easy_test. Because easy_test is flexible there are other ways to achieve the same result.

# common_test suite
-export([all/0, groups/0]).
-export([t1/0, t1/1, t2/1, t3/3]).

groups() ->
   [shuffle, sequence],
   [t2, t3]}].
all() ->
  [{group, g1}, t1].
t1() ->
  [{required, some_var}].
t1(_) ->
t2(_) ->
t3(_) ->
# equivalent easy_test suite

-easy_group([{group, g1}, {opts, [shuffle, sequence]}, {tests, [t2, t3]}]).
-easy_test([{test, t1}, {has_config, true}]).
t1() ->
  [{required, some_var}].
t1(_) ->
t2(_) ->
t3(_) ->


Thanks to Richard Carlsson and Mickaël Rémond (authors of EUnit). Their code in the eunit_autoexport module forms the basis of this library's functionality.

Contributing to easy_test

  • Fork the project
  • Start a feature/bugfix branch
  • Commit and push until your contribution is prepared
  • Please add test cases for your code and make sure all tests pass
  • Unless necessary do not edit src/
    • If you do edit this file please explain why in your pull request
  • Submit a pull request

If you submit a pull request (whether it is accepted or not) and would like to become a contributor on the project please note this the request or seperate message and you will be added.


Copyright (c) 2011 Jordan West, Richard Carlsson. See LICENSE.txt for further detais.