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  • Move gauges files in ~/.gauges dir
  • Refactor code that deals with directory and files into some sort of util module
  • Need some sort of command structure but need to implement a few more first
  • Commands and Such
    • List history for single gauge by hour using recent hours
    • List history for single gauge by month using recent months
    • Change gauge name
    • List content, referrers, search terms, locations by date per gauge
      • with paging (see older, newer links)
    • List browser resolutions, technology (browsers & platforms), search engines by date per gauge
  • Cache some of this data and roll it up?
  • Better display of data (improving Gauges.CLI.Display/Gauges.CLI.Interact)
  • Better/Real Help
  • fix: gauges: /Users/jordanrw/.gauges_cache: openFile: resource busy (file is locked) (traffic name, then list)
  • history in interactive mode
  • completion