Gauges Haskell Client & CLI (e.g. My First Haskell Project)
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hs-gauges is primarily a CLI for the Gauges API but also exposes an API client library.

Mostly, this is a project I am writing to learn Haskell (read: most of this code is likely abysmal). It is also very incomplete. Check out the TODO for what is left to be done.

This code has only been tested & run on OS X Lion running ghc 7.0.4 and cabal


For now, you will need the Haskell Platform (ghc and cabal specifically) to install hs-gauges. In the future I'll figure out some way to build and upload a binary -- and since I plan to learn how to build Homebrew packages maybe one of those two.

You will also need to have cURL installed.

Installing the Haskell Platform

If you are on OS X you can use Homebrew to install the Haskell Platform

$ brew install ghc

If you are not on OS X, or don't wish to use Homebrew, follow the instructions for you're platform here

Note: I have no idea if or how this code will work/perform on Windows.

Installing hs-gauges

You can build hs-gauges using cabal, which is provided as part of the Haskell Platform. First clone the repository:

$ git clone
$ cd hs-gauges

Then configure and build the project:

$ cabal configure
$ cabal build

If the build is successful, the CLI binary can be found at dist/build/Gauges/gauges. You can run it directly from there or you can move this binary to some directory that is on your PATH, it doesn't need any of the other files in the dist/build/Gauges directory.


gauges runs in 2 modes, a Command Mode which takes command-line parameters and Interactive Mode which will be entered when no command-line parameters are given. In Interactive Mode you can run multiple commands in a single session. To exit enter quit or q. All commands in both modes should take identical arguments.


The first time you run any gauges command (besides help) it will ask you for an API Token. You will need to create or reuse one which you can do from the Gauges Account Settings Page.

Listing All Gauges

The list command prints the names and current view/people tallies for all of your gauges.

~ $  gauges                                                                                                                                                                                       	
Using credential from /Users/jrwest/.gauges
Welcome to Gauges Haskell CLI
type "help" and press ENTER to see what's up

> list
Blog views: 123 people: 456
Website views: 789 people: 123
Admin views: 456 people: 123

In order to use any of the commands that take gauge names as arguments you must first run list. Because the Gauges API requires use of a String representation of a BSON ObjectID for most of the interesting calls, gauges keeps a cache of gauge name, gauge id pairs. This cache is used to lookup information by gauge name (gauge names are case insensitive). If you run a command that takes a gauge name and it reports that the gauge is not found, try running list again.

Getting Help

Currently, the help section is woefully incomplete. See this README for more info.

From the command-line you can either call the help command or pass in the --help and -h switches as the first command-line parameter.

In Interactive Mode use the help command

Displaying Traffic for a Gauge

The traffic [GAUGE NAME] [--spark] [--month/-m [M]M] [--year/-y] [YY]YY] command lists the people/view tallies for the current month by day and in total.

$ gauges traffic blog
2012-02-01 | views: 123 people: 456
2012-02-02 | views: 789 people: 123
2012-02-03 | views: 456 people: 789
2012-02-04 | views: 123 people: 456
2012-02-05 | views: 789 people: 123

total | views: 456 people: 789

Spark Integration

Some gauges commands integrate with Spark. In order to use the integration you will need it installed.

The only command that currently supports this is traffic which optionally takes the --spark switch.

$  gauges traffic blog --month 1 --spark                                                                                                           
Using credential from /Users/jrwest/.gauges
Showing spark for: views
Showing spark for: people