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Naemon - Livestatus Eventbroker Module
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This is a fork of Mattias Kettner's mk_livestatus. It has been ported to
Naemon by OP5 and contains some extra features such as sorting and page offsets.
This branch is being maintained by the Naemon team until such a time
comes when everything we need has been merged back upstream.

To find out more about mk_livestatus, see

=== Differences between mk_livestatus and naemons fork of livestatus ===

Three additions to Livestatus Query Language is added:

Sort: <column name> <asc/desc>

Sorts the result set by the specified column in the given direction. Multiple
Sort lines can be added. First sort line takes precedance.


GET hosts
Sort: last_hard_state_change desc

Offset: <number of lines>

Lines to skip from the beginning of the result set. Useful for pagination in
combination with Limit header.


GET services
Sort: host_name asc
Sort: description asc
Limit: 100
Offset: 300

OutputFormat: wrapped_json

An extension to the json output format.
The result set is packed in a json object, with a couple of possible fields:
- columns: an array of column names. (optional)
- data: an array of arrays, describing the result set, in the same syntax common
  json output, without embedded column names.
- total_count: The number of lines in the resultsed, except the limitation of
  Limit and Offset headers.

=== About Naemon ===

To find out more about Naemon, see

=== INSTALL ===

To install, run:
 autoreconf -s
 automake --add-missing
 ./configure CPPFLAGS=-I$(path to naemon include files, usually /usr/local/naemon/include)
 sudo make install
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