Simple web service using Apache modules
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How to create an Apache Module

The Apache HTTP is a very extensible server and it is not hard to write your
own module statically or dynamically. We know there are languages and
frameworks such as PHP, Ruby on Rails, Python Django are designed to go Web and
it would be really hard – impossible for the most – be more productive on Web
using C or C++ than using one of these tools but the goal is not replace
languages but improve the server.

You could write an extension to implement the security model your company
desire, make this module to handle all http requests before they get processed,
or you could make Apache not a general use web server but specific for
something you need, faster and reliable. There are many ideas that could be
implemented and here I will create a small and very simple web service to
handle and process HTTP requests.

This code is an example for the article How to Create an Apache Module

Your comments are very welcome!