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Contributing to js-data-documentdb

Read the general Contributing Guide.

Project structure

  • dist/ - Contains final build files for distribution
  • doc/ - Output folder for JSDocs
  • src/ - Project source code
  • test/ - Project tests

Clone, build & test

  1. clone
  2. cd js-data-documentdb
  3. npm install
  4. npm run build - Lint and build distribution files
  5. npm run mocha - Run tests (must set DOCUMENT_DB_ENDPOINT and DOCUMENT_DB_KEY environment variables)

To cut a release

  1. Checkout master
  2. Bump version in package.json appropriately
  3. Update appropriately
  4. Run npm run release
  5. Commit and push changes
  6. Checkout release, merge master into release
  7. Run npm run release again
  8. Commit and push changes
  9. Make a GitHub release
  • tag from release branch
  • set tag name to version
  • set release name to version
  • set release body to changelog entry for the version
  1. npm publish .

See also Community & Support.