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Contributing Guide

First, support is handled via the Mailing List. Ask your questions there.

When submitting issues on GitHub, please include as much detail as possible to make debugging quick and easy.

  • good - Your versions of js-data, js-data-localforage, localforage, etc, relevant console logs/error, code examples that revealed the issue
  • better - A plnkr, fiddle, or bin that demonstrates the issue
  • best - A Pull Request that fixes the issue, including test coverage for the issue and the fix

Github Issues.

Pull Requests

  1. Contribute to the issue that is the reason you'll be developing in the first place
  2. Fork js-data-localforage
  3. git clone<you>/js-data-localforage.git
  4. cd js-data-localforage; npm install; bower install;
  5. grunt go (builds and starts a watch)
  6. (in another terminal) grunt karma:dev (runs the tests)
  7. Write your code, including relevant documentation and tests
  8. Submit a PR and we'll review
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