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JavaScript Developer Day

25-MAY-2018 #jsdevday


What: Let's celebrate the JavaScript Developer Day.
Date: Variable, The Last Friday in May as "Brendan Eich wrote JavaScript in 10 days, in May 1995" @Wikipedia
2018 date: 25 May
Hashtag: #jsdevday
Facebook page:


  • wearing yellow/orange
  • spider monkey and bananas in honor of the first JavaScript engine - SpiderMonkey.
  • rhino in honor of the Rhino, and cover paper of the first "bible" of JavaScript programmer - JavaScript: The Definitive Guide
  • drinking Mochaccino. Mocha - is original name of JavaScript.
  • attending local BeerJS or JavaScript Pub Quiz


One day In March my children came to me and said that they were going to celebrate Saint Patrick's Day and were looking for green clothes. They also showed infographics (below).
After that I thought "Why we don't celebrate JavaScript Developers day?". I have been working with JS for over 10 years like thousands of others JS developers around the world. But we have never celebrated it.
So let's fix it! St. Patrick's Day


If you want to hold and orginize the JavaScript Pub Quiz in your city

Since this year we will not have time to organize a carnival 😄, so I propose to prepare JS Pub Quiz which can be used in different locations on the same day.
Why this format It allows to organize participants, facilitates the conversion of colleagues into friends
Slack channel - Join our slack channel about JSDay preparation and celebration

Graphic assets

Samples of the posters, stickers, etc

JSDevDay Stickers