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educators Create Jan 14, 2020

JS outreach groups

Some TC39 delegates are organizing meetings with various stakeholders in order to get more input in the process and share information with the community. Current calls include:

  • Educators
  • Frameworks
  • Tools and transpilers

Planned future calls include:

This repository is used to archive meeting minutes.

If you would like a calendar invitation to one of these calls, please get in touch by filing an issue on this repository or writing an email to

The role of these calls within TC39 process:

  • Input on direction/priorities
  • Feedback on Stage 2 or earlier proposals
  • Distribute information about TC39, Stage 3+ proposals, etc
  • Expose opportunities to get involved (in GitHub, docs, etc)
  • Not a consensus-seeking group, just a data source

Why is this a personal repository?

These outreach groups are not an official TC39 effort, but rather an undertaking of some of its delegates. It's hoped that, in the near future, they will be rolled into some larger organization, such as Ecma International or a neutral foundation.

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