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Submitting BackFlipped! #54

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Auroriax commented Sep 11, 2019

Hello! It's my first time joining js13k and it's been a blast so far. I got back under 13k today so I'd like to do a double check before submitting it tomorrow. Thanks!

Auroriax added 22 commits Aug 23, 2019
…entation of "flipping". Much faster and smoother gameplay. I fixed a stutter because the game and draw loop where separate. I also restructured the code so all the create stuff is on top and the step, keypress, and draw loops are below.
…reen shake! Basic implementation of flipping to the background.
…, and added random variations so the sound effects don't get too stale.

Added swipe controls I found in a Gist. At the end of a swipe, it now detects where you swiped or if you tapped, and fires the input function. Handy!
Game window is now responsive, you can play it on a screen as small as the IPhone 6's. Zoom level automatically adjusts (in steps) depending on screen size.
Tried to minimize a public domain font (Irix) to use in the project but it is still a little too large.
A lot of things have gotten an extra optimization pass, in which the most important win was squeezing an extra kilobyte out of Zdog thanks to Uglify.
Started working on a title screen with skewed text.
Did a lot of optimization experiments!
Title screen complete.
Favicon added.
I fixed some bugs and formalized edge case game behavior.
Added that boxes can now collide_end from a bunch of situations (like when the player kicks away from that box.
Game over is functional but is not yet called by any game behavior.
Fixed some tweens, like for the boxes and the flipping to the background.
… up the code by camelCasing function names, reorganizing, cleaning up redundant variables, and commenting on all global variables.

The game will now only render obstacles that are near the player. As a benchmark, generating 2000 obstacles dropped to 4-5 FPS, now it's 12-15 FPS. Further optimizations for this need to be made in Zdog's code.
I removed a shape from Zdog that I never use in the game as a test. If it hold up I'll probably remove all shapes I don't use to help obtain 13kb file size.
Optimized the favicon, also updated it's base64 string, test which one compresses better.
Manifest now has pretty much all relevant info (only the images still need to be made).
Started fixing the level generation, but its still a little erratic at the moment. Looking into generating shapes that are fun to play on.
…e a "jump" instead of slow your fall, while you cannot kick down from a flying kick to the side any longer.

Collisions with blocks changed. Now sliding closely past a block will also activate it, and to impose you can kick through blocks, these already sink into the background on collision touch, no longer on collision enter.
More preparation for color palettes.
More tweaks to level generation, can now generate a couple of different patterns but these still need to be made fun.
…ferent shapes.

Added the most important variables that control how gameplay feels on top of the game script as constants.
Added an optimization into Zdog that causes invisible objects not to recalculate their transforms upon updating of graphs, resulting in easily doubled framerate when 275 boxes are loaded in.
Fixed framerate to be 60fps.
Minor interface tweaks to prevent bugs.
Fixed a bunch of bugs (mostly for mobile platforms and level generation).
… it to gain access to a couple of extra color palettes.

Speaking about color palettes, I added a monochrome one and a dawn/sunset-based one. Also added unlock conditions.
Added a level select to accompany the endless mode. In these, you are tasked with touching a certain number of blocks before the time runs out. After playing 10 of these you can play Endless mode.
A bunch of fixes and optimizations to keep the garbage collector at bay.
…lazingly fast! It might actually get challenging now!

Added the Blueprint color palette and tweaked some others. Now five palettes are supported!
Started working on better feeling randomness (instead of doing pure random (0.18..., 0.53...) I'm going to incremented random (0.1, 0.5) )
Notifications for when you unlock new levels.
…" to communicate this is happening.

Added a bunch of new color palettes to smooth out the progression curve. Speaking of that, unlockables are enabled now too!
You can now quit a level prematurely by pausing the game and pressing Backspace twice in a row.
Fixed some level generation bugs, now generated levels look cleaner and are much nicer to play on.
You can now cancel the jump into any other move (except another jump).
A bunch of more game feel tweaks.
…fter level 10 instead of unlocking Endless mode.

Now prevents default behavior for some keys to prevent accidentally scrolling with the arrow keys or space bar if the game is embedded.
…ified time payouts, added All Clear mechanic that only gives points when all blocks are pushed to the other side.

Added a trail that follow the player and doesn't Z-fight too much.
Added a bunch of dots that emulate a parallax effect.
Formalized the eye color as c[5] in color palettes.
Fixed level generation. Now there's a smaller chance the same part of level is generated in a row.
…ly at 14.5kb.

I also wrote my own very basic linter which I'm using to put all files together in one, and I'm hoping to polish and release it more formally after the jam.

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js13kgames-bot bot commented Sep 11, 2019

Hello 👋
I am a bot. My job is to review your submission.

I reviewed your latest release, 1.3. Its looking all good 👍

Everything is in order 🎉 submit now !

BackFlipped   by Tom Hermans (@Auroriax)
Desktop,Mobile,Web Monetization
Fall to bottom to flip to the back, then fall back up on the other side... How long can you keep switching between the back and front of the stage? Game by Tom Hermans (@Auroriax). Best played in Chrome or Firefox.

How to play (Arrow keys/WASD/ZQSD/Swipes):🡸 🡺: Flying kick, 🡹 🡻: Slow/fasten fall.
Touched platforms move to background and increase score. Reach bottom of level to claim to the backside! You lose when time runs out...

Coil subscribers get two extra color palettes! Or should I say... COILor palettes? Hah!


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Auroriax commented Sep 11, 2019

Ah, I see what the issue is, the files have a .jpg extension in the manifest while I'm supplying png files. Lemme fix that...


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Auroriax commented Sep 11, 2019

That fix did the trick, I think! That was actually a bug I would not have caught by myself, so thanks js13kgames-bot!

… game unplayable on mobile. Oops!
@Platane Platane added the submitted label Sep 13, 2019
…be properly initialized
Auroriax added 3 commits Sep 16, 2019
I added the postmortem I just posted on here as well!
Having a link to the Github repo is not necessary when you're reading the postmortem on GitHub... :P
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