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js2coffee 2.0 (aka js2coffee-redux) aims to have these improvements over the js2coffee 0.x series:

  • Use a new JS parser.
    The new js2coffee is built upon Esprima, which uses the standardized ECMAScript Parser API.

  • Cleaner repository.
    js2coffee/js2coffee has way too much boilerplate and DocPad-related things in it. There should be no Cakefiles or anything, just package.json.

  • Be fully browserify-compatible with minimal cruft.
    Building a browesrify build is as easy as browserify -t coffeeify ..
    Everything will work with minimal fuzz.

  • More maintainable.
    Carefully think out the API and the structure of the repository so to minimize boilerplates and dependencies.

New features

  • Compatibility warnings.
    Give warnings for things that may break, such as == being converted to is.

  • Source maps.
    The new js2coffee website will feature a new editor that will allow you to see what each point of the source compiles to.

  • More configurable options.
    This will allow you to select if you would like and vs &&, or is vs ===, and so on.

  • Better error messages.
    Error messages now show a preview of the source where errors happen, such as what you'd expect in CoffeeScriptRedux.