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todo.txt with a Ruby flair
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todo.txt with a ruby flair


Todotxt is a ruby CLI interface to work with a todo.txt file



gem install todotxt


Clone from jsahlen/todotxt and do

rake install


Todotxt relies on a configuration file (.todotxt.cfg) in your home directory, which points to the location of your todo.txt. You can run

todotxt generate_cfg

to generate this file, which will then point to ~/todo.txt.


The gem will install a command, todotxt which is used to interact with your todo.txt.

  todotxt add | a TEXT                               # Add a new Todo item
  todotxt append | app ITEM# STRING                  # Append STRING to ITEM#
  todotxt del | rm ITEM#[, ITEM#, ITEM#, ...]        # Remove ITEM#
  todotxt do ITEM#[, ITEM#, ITEM#, ...]              # Mark ITEM# as done
  todotxt dp | depri ITEM#[, ITEM#, ITEM#, ...]      # Remove priority for ITEM#
  todotxt due                                        # List due items
  todotxt edit                                       # Open todo.txt file in your default editor
  todotxt generate_config                            # Create a .todotxt.cfg file in your home folder, containing the path to todo.txt
  todotxt generate_txt                               # Create a sample todo.txt
  todotxt help [TASK]                                # Describe available tasks or one specific task
  todotxt list | ls [SEARCH]                         # List all todos, or todos matching SEARCH
  todotxt listproj | lsproj                          # List all projects
  todotxt lscon | lsc                                # List all contexts
  todotxt lsdone | lsd                               # List all done items
  todotxt move | mv ITEM#[, ITEM#, ITEM#, ...] file  # Move ITEM# to another file
  todotxt prepend | prep ITEM# STRING                # Prepend STRING to ITEM#
  todotxt pri | p ITEM# PRIORITY                     # Set priority of ITEM# to PRIORITY
  todotxt replace ITEM# TEXT                         # Completely replace ITEM# text with TEXT
  todotxt undo | u ITEM#[, ITEM#, ITEM#, ...]        # Mark ITEM# item as not done
  todotxt version                                    # Show todotxt version

Calling simply todotxt will automatically run the ls command.

You can pass the option --file= to point todotxt to another file. You can pass an alias, defined in the configuration, or the path to an arbitrary file.

With a file wishlist, in the configuration defined as "wishlist", you can run:

todotxt ls --file=wishlist

To list all items form this wishlist file. Alternatively you can run:

todotxt ls --file="~/Dropbox/todo/deferred.txt"

To list all items from the file deferred.txt, provided that file exists.

In order to list all items from all files defined in the config, use the --all flag with ls:

todotxt ls --all



Screenshot of Todotxt in a Terminal window using Solarized colors.



Please report any bugs using the GitHub Issue Tracker.

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