Templates for ASP.NET Core Blazor without any js and css libraries.
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Blazor Minimum Project Templates NuGet Package


This is project templates package for ASP.NET Core "Blazor" without JavaScript and CSS libraries, designed for dotnet CLI.

Blazor is an experimental .NET web framework using C# and HTML that runs in the browser. Learn More...

The Blazor application project, which is created by this template, contains only the minimum necessary files, like this.


When you run this project, the following page will be displayed in a web browser.


System requirement

How to install

> dotnet new -i Toolbelt.AspNetCore.Blazor.Minimum.Templates

How to use

If you want to create a new Blazor application project which standalone edition, type dotnet new command with a short name of the template "blazormin".

> dotnet new blazormin

If you want a ASP.NET Core hosted edition, use a short name of the template "blazorhostedmin".

> dotnet new blazorhostedmin

These commands are create a new project in current directory, and the project name is same as the current directory name.

See also: "dotnet new command - .NET Core CLI" | Microsoft Docs


The Unlicense