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gamepad API access for your Blazor apps.
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Blazor Gamepad NuGet Package


This is a class library that provides gamepad API access for your Blazor apps.


Blazor v.0.9.0.

How to install and use?

1. Installation and Registration

Step.1 Install the library via NuGet package, like this.

> dotnet add package Toolbelt.Blazor.Gamepad

Step.2 Register "GamepadList" service into the DI container, at ConfigureService method in the Startup class of your Blazor application.

using Toolbelt.Blazor.Extensions.DependencyInjection; // <- Add this line, and...
public class Startup
  public void ConfigureServices(IServiceCollection services)
    services.AddGamepadList(); // <- Add this line.

2. Usage in your Blazor component (.cshtml)

Step.1 Inject the GamepadList service into the component.

@inject Toolbelt.Blazor.Gamepad.GamepadList GamepadList @* <- Add this. *@

Step.2 Invoke GetGamepadsAsync() async method to retreive gamepad list, and find a active gamepad object.

After you find it, you can reference gamepad axes and buttons.

Note: GetGamepadsAsync() returns empty list until any gamepad devices are activated. To activate the gamepad, you should do any actions on the gamepad device while the browser's document has focus.

Sample .cshtml code is here:

@page "/"
@using Toolbelt.Blazor.Gamepad
@using System.Timers
@implements IDisposable
@inject GamepadList GamePadList

@if (this.Gamepad != null) {
    @foreach (var ax in this.Gamepad.Axes) {

    @foreach (var button in this.Gamepad.Buttons) {
      <li>@button.Pressed (@button.Value)</li>

@functions {

  Gamepad Gamepad;

  Timer Timer = new Timer(200) { Enabled = true };

  protected override void OnInit() {
    Timer.Elapsed += Timer_Elapsed;

  async void Timer_Elapsed(object sender, EventArgs args) {
    var gamepads = await GamePadList.GetGamepadsAsync();
    this.Gamepad = gamepads.FirstOrDefault();

  public void Dispose() {
    Timer.Elapsed -= Timer_Elapsed;

Release Note

  • v.3.0.0 - BREAKING CHANGE: Support Blazor v.0.9.0 (not compatible with v.0.8.0 or before.)
  • v.2.0.0 - BREAKING CHANGE: Support Blazor v.0.8.0 (not compatible with v.0.7.0 or before.)
  • v.1.0.0 - 1st release.


Mozilla Public License Version 2.0

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