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Changes from Prevayler 2.4 to Prevayler 2.5

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karlwettin committed Sep 18, 2011
1 parent 08926e9 commit 0ebe40137be97771ed10a33d38a9878e4384042d
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+Changes from Prevayler 2.4 to Prevayler 2.5
+Maven build and dependency cleanup
+Preparation for deployment of Prevayler artifacts on Maven central.
+Ie there are no behavioral changes of the code.
+Removed module Skaringa and Demo2 as they use dependencies not available in
+Maven central (Latest version of Skaringa XML serializer and Javamatch).
+Updated all POMs to point back at parent POM rather than parent directory.
+Updated all POMs to use static artifact version rather than using ${property}.
+Updated all POMs to use dependencyManagement set versions of dependencies
+rather than defining them over and over in module POMs.
+Added <package> types to all POMs.
+Added build plugins with static versions of artifact for root POM in order to
+make sure it behaves the same on all environments, to define java target output,
+global surefire (test) settings, javadocs and source jar output, etc.
Changes from Prevayler 2.3 to Prevayler 2.4

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