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I) Compatibility

Prevayler requires Java 1.2 or greater.
This version of Prevayler was tested with JDK1.3.1_01.
The GUIs for some of Prevayler's demo applications require Java 1.3.

II) Building Procedure

To build and use Prevayler you compile the source code directly. This ensures maximum JDK compatibility.

III) Main Prevayler Classes

The following classes have the main() method and can be run directly. They are self explanatory.

1) org.prevayler.demos.demo1.Main - A very simple demo that calculates prime numbers and stores them using Prevayler.

2) org.prevayler.demo.PrevaylerDemo - A demo bank application using Prevayler. It requires JDK1.3 or greater because of the GUI classes it uses.

3) org.prevayler.test.scalability.ScalabilityTest - Runs manipulation and query scalability tests against Prevayler and any JDBC database. Just follow the instructions.

4) org.prevayler.test.FullTest - The functional tests used to test Prevayler during develoment.
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