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* Finish prosecuting bugs in the Google Code tracker;
either develop test cases for them or deem them invalid/unreproducible/wontfix
(new bugs should go in the github tracker). Also look for bugs filed against
the PHP implementation (such as in the Textpattern tracker); those bugs
may also exist in this implementation.
* Improve test coverage (use coverage stats in docs/coverage/index.html).
* Improve documentation, both of the code and Textile syntax.
The previous version of pytextile had excellent inline documentation;
similarly, docstrings such as "What does this do?" should be improved.
* Address outstanding architectural issues:
The Textile class has a large number of public methods which are, in fact,
not intended to be called by the public.
Also, some parameters are set in __init__(), while others are set in
Because various instance variables get set while text is being processed,
a Textile object cannot be reused--that is, it is not possible to set up
a Textile object with the desired parameters, and then use it repeatedly
to process multiple strings, because parameters such as the shelf do not
get reset between calls to textile().
* If we want to re-implement sanitization or validation, it should probably be
done with html5lib.