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Lighting Toolkit v1.1.1

The first public version of a compilation of tools I usually use in my daily work.


· New Creates a light previously selected on the lights combo.

· New from view Creates a light from a camera, previously selected. Works fine with all kind of lights but I normally use it with spotLights or areaLights.

· New from objects Creates a light on each object selected and creates a parent constraint to the light. In case you don't want it, you only have to delete it from the light.

· Isolate Isolates the lights previously selected.


· New Creates a filter previously selected on the filters combo into the light(s) selected.

· New from objects Creates a filter on each object selected into the light(s) selected.

Note: Normally, when you create a filter with Maya, only the lightBlocker is included into the defaultLightSet. If you create it into Lighting Toolkit, the filters are added into a new set named defaultFilterSet deleting itself from the defaultLightSet. This set, include all the filters, not just lightBlocker, to be more accessible.