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$(VERSION 058, ddd mm, 2012, =================================================,
$(LI Added std.csv for reading CSV files.)
$(LI Added as D-ified wrapper over etc.c.curl and libcurl.)
$(LI Added templates PackageName, ModuleName and FullyQualifiedName into std.traits.)
$(LI The overload of std.concurrency.receiveTimeout which takes a long has
been deprecated. Please use the overload which takes a core.time.Duration.)
$(LI Moved std.datetime.abs to core.time.)
$(LI The overload of which used a member function named to on the
type being converted has been deprecated. Please define opCast on the type
instead, and will use that.)
$(LI std.datetime's endOfMonthDay functions have been deprecated. Please use
daysInMonth instead.)
$(LI std.ctype has been deprecated. Please use std.ascii instead.)
$(LI std.string's hexdigits, digits, octdigits, lowercase, letters, uppercase,
whitespace, and newline have been deprecated. Please use the
corresponding symbols in std.ascii instead.)
$(LI std.string's LS and PS have been deprecated. Please use the corresponding
symbols in std.uni instead.)
$(LI std.string's iswhite has been deprecated. Please use either
std.ascii.isWhite or std.uni.isWhite instead.)
$(LI std.string's tolower, tolowerInPlace, toupper, toupperInPlace, splitlines,
stripl, stripr, ljustify, rjustify, and expandtabs have been deprecated.
Please use the new versions of these functions with properly camelcased names.)
$(LI std.string's zfill has been deprecated. Please use rightJustify instead.)
$(LI std.string's capwords has been deprecated.)
$(LI The overloads of std.string's isNumeric which takes anything and
which takes a va_list have been deprecated. The other overloads remain.)
$(LI std.uni's isUniLower, isUniUpper, toUniLower, toUniUpper, and isUniAlpha
have been deprecated. Please use the versions of these functions which do
not have Uni in their name.)
$(LI Get rid of Windows 3.x and Windows 9x support. Affected modules: std.file,
std.mmfile,, and
$(LI $(BUGZILLA 4295): IID_IUnknown symbol undefined in phobos.lib)
$(LI $(BUGZILLA 5614): version(Win32) vs version(Windows) in Phobos)
$(LI $(BUGZILLA 5718): Can't demangle symbol defined inside unittest block)
$(LI $(BUGZILLA 6255): Add support for different base conversions in std.conv)
$(LI $(BUGZILLA 6472): RedBlackTree.removeKey)
$(LI $(BUGZILLA 6642): SysTime should not be hasUnsharedAliasing)
$(LI $(BUGZILLA 6874): heap corruption caused by std.array.insertInPlaceImpl or gc.gcx)
$(LI $(BUGZILLA 6944): stdio.File.byLine can't handle an empty file)
$(LI $(BUGZILLA 7092): std.concurrency.receive does not accept free functions)
$(LI $(BUGZILLA 7141): std.regex - escaped characters can form operators in character classes)
$(LI $(BUGZILLA 7230): Crash during printing anonymous union with writeln family functions.)
$(LI $(BUGZILLA 7241): std.format can't read into array of dchar)
$(LI $(BUGZILLA 7302): std.conv.parse with radix doesn't work on ranges)
$(LI $(BUGZILLA 7397): [Regression] std.path.buildPath can't be used with string[])
$(LI $(BUGZILLA 7480): Unhelpful formatting specifier mismatch exception message for pointers)
$(LI $(BUGZILLA 7484): std.algorithm.copy overlapping array copy)
$(VERSION 057, ddd mm, 2011, =================================================,
$(LI Major overhaul of std.regex module's implementation.
$(RED Breaking change) in std.regex.replace with delegate,
use Captures!string instead of RegexMatch!string as delegate parameter.)
$(LI As typedef has been deprecated, overloads of which use
typedef have now been deprecated.)
$(LI std.array.insert has been deprecated. Please use std.array.insertInPlace instead.)
$(LI The overload of std.array.replace which replaces in place has been deprecated.
Please use std.array.replaceInPlace instead.)
$(LI The toISOExtendedString and fromISOExtendedString functions on SysTime, Date,
TimeOfDay, and DateTime in std.datetime have been deprecated. Please use
toISOExtString and fromISOExtString instead.)
$(LI std.file.getTimesPosix has been deprecated. Please use std.file.getTimes instead.)
$(LI The overloads for isDir, isFile, and isSymlink in std.file which take a uint
have been deprecated. Please use attrIsDir, attrIsFile, and attrIsSymlink instead.)
$(LI Unlisted bug: std.conv: Fix to!float("-0"))
$(LI Unlisted bug: std.file broken on OS X x86_64 due to wrong stat64 declaration.)
$(LI $(BUGZILLA 2936): std.regex.match() short string optimization)
$(LI $(BUGZILLA 4765): std.math.modf always returns 0)
$(LI $(BUGZILLA 5193): SList cannot have struct elements that have immutable members.)
$(LI $(BUGZILLA 5620): Implicit conversion of RegexMatch to bool.)
$(LI $(BUGZILLA 5712): [patch] std.regex.replace disallows w/dstring)
$(LI $(BUGZILLA 6204): emplace() for classes accepts larger chunk but fails in array assignment)
$(LI $(BUGZILLA 6887): Regression of getopt)
$(LI $(BUGZILLA 6888): std.getopt.getopt: one-letter hash option causes range violation)
$(LI $(BUGZILLA 6935): struct with @disable this cannot make range)
$(LI $(BUGZILLA 6973): static assert(isOutputRange!(OutputRange!int, int)) is false)
$(LI $(BUGZILLA 6976): GetLastError called as property)
$(LI $(BUGZILLA 6977): getErrno called as property in std.stdio)
$(LI $(BUGZILLA 6979): hasUnsharedAliasing cannot accept plural parameters)
$(LI $(BUGZILLA 6990): std.string.splitlines deprecation doc missing a word)
$(LI $(BUGZILLA 7000): missing import of std.stdio in std.regex?)
$(LI $(BUGZILLA 7039): Posix 2.057 Makefile error breaking 64bit build)
$(LI $(BUGZILLA 7040): Phobos must use "version/else version" blocks for proper
documentation generation.)
$(LI $(BUGZILLA 7045): AssertError in std.regex on line 1573)
$(LI $(BUGZILLA 7055): to!float("INF2") == 2)
$(VERSION 056, ddd mm, 2011, =================================================,
$(LI std.exception: enforce/enforceEx now can use in @safe pure function.)
$(LI Added optional KeepTerminator param to std.string.splitLines.)
$(LI Added std.string.outdent.)
$(LI std.utf: More @safe and pure.)
$(LI now use *W functions in order to deal properly with Unicode.)
$(LI $(BUGZILLA 5522): fails on arrays of Object.)
$(LI $(BUGZILLA 6009): std/container disabled on freebsd/64)
$(LI $(BUGZILLA 6160): Ignore _ to match the rest of D)
$(LI $(BUGZILLA 6181): assert fails in datetime.d while runining Phobos unittest)
$(LI $(BUGZILLA 6258):!real("-") fetches the front of an empty array.)
$(LI $(BUGZILLA 6275): Const values in tuples)
$(LI $(BUGZILLA 6288): removes const/immutable when converting a class)
$(LI $(BUGZILLA 6609): std.conv.parse!Integer should consider sign when radix == 10)
$(LI $(BUGZILLA 6634): std.path.globMatch throws wrong assertion)
$(LI $(BUGZILLA 6640): More formatting consistency between string and range of char)
$(LI $(BUGZILLA 6761): Strange behavior of RedBlackTree causing a dangling pointer)
$(VERSION 055, ddd mm, 2011, =================================================,
$(LI std.algorithm.copy now specializes on arrays for 10-80x improved
$(LI std.path has been rewritten from scratch and has a completely new API.)
$(LI std.utf.toUTFz allows you to get a zero-terminated string of any
character type and of any type of mutability.)
$(LI Added symlink and readLink to std.file for Posix systems.)
$(LI Values for GDC and LDC were added to std.compiler.Vendor.)
$(LI Added functions to std.bitswap for generically handling swapping
$(LI Added std.parallelism.TaskPool.workerIndex.)
$(LI Added buffer recycling overload of std.parallelism.asyncBuf)
$(LI std.math.tgamma, lgamma, erf, and erfc are now deprecated. The
equivalent functions in std.mathspecial should be used instead.)
$(LI The names of the values of std.mmfile.Mode, std.system.Endian,
std.traits.FunctionAttributes, std.traits.ParameterStorageClass,
and std.traits.Variadic were changed to match Phobos' naming conventions.)
$(LI std.range: Added indexed and chunks)
$(LI std.string.translate has been updated to work with unicode. As a
result, its signature has been changed. The old version and
std.string.maketrans have been scheduled for deprecation.)
$(LI has been updated so that it works with any string type.)
$(LI std.conv.parse works for associative array and static array)
$(LI std.format: Improvement of formatValue and unformatValue.
They now works for associative array, consider element escaping,
and treat range format spec more properly.)
$(LI Unlisted bug: std.range.transversal should have length)
$(LI $(BUGZILLA 3890): Bad writeln of a nested struct)
$(LI $(BUGZILLA 4977): cannot use nothrow or pure with Rebindable)
$(LI $(BUGZILLA 5237): writefln doesn't respect Complex.toString)
$(LI $(BUGZILLA 5645): std.range.drop())
$(LI $(BUGZILLA 5825): write is calling a deprecated function)
$(LI $(BUGZILLA 6064): std.array.join is unnecssarily slow for strings)
$(LI $(BUGZILLA 6194): [GSoC] Destructor gets called on object before it is copied when calling writeln())
$(LI $(BUGZILLA 6261): [2.054 beta regression] Regex cannot take a char[])
$(LI $(BUGZILLA 6377): should check range when changing signedness)
$(LI $(BUGZILLA 6587): std.parallelism's Task cannot handle immutable values)
$(LI $(BUGZILLA 6606): RefCounted doesn't work with unions due to use of format)
$(LI $(BUGZILLA 6608): Tuple field is not escaped)
$(VERSION 054, ddd mm, 2011, =================================================,
$(LI std.array.insertInPlace supports inserting of multiple ranges/elements in one go)
$(LI Added std.array.uninitializedArray and std.array.minimallyInitializedArray)
$(LI Various functions in std.string were renamed to match Phobos'
naming conventions and be properly camelcased. The old names
are still there but have been scheduled for deprecation.)
$(LI The deprecated std.string.toString and std.string.atoi functions
were removed. If you were still using them for any reason,
replace them with calls to
$(LI Various functions in std.uni were renamed so that they don't have
"Uni" in their name, since it was decided that it was not desirable to
repeat a module's name in its functions' names. The old names
are still there but have been scheduled for deprecation.)
$(LI std.ctype has been scheduled for deprecation. std.ascii has been
added to replace it.)
$(LI Major performance improvements for std.algorithm.sort)
$(LI $(BUGZILLA 876): std.intrinsic.bswap overloads)
$(LI $(BUGZILLA 2108): regexp.d: The greedy dotstar isn't so greedy)
$(LI $(BUGZILLA 2117): Please add more byteswapping support)
$(LI $(BUGZILLA 3136): Incorrect and strange behavior of std.regexp.RegExp if using a pattern with optional prefix and suffix longer than 1 char)
$(LI $(BUGZILLA 3457): rdmd fails silently in a particular setup where the compiler is not the expected)
$(LI $(BUGZILLA 3479): writef/writefln: positional precision not working)
$(LI $(BUGZILLA 3564): Rdmd failing to link external C libraries)
$(LI $(BUGZILLA 3752): File.byLine fetches lines in a confusing manner)
$(LI $(BUGZILLA 4367): std.regex: Captures is not a random access range)
$(LI $(BUGZILLA 4574): std.regex: breaks with empy string regex)
$(LI $(BUGZILLA 4608): std.string.chomp documentation mismatch implementation)
$(LI $(BUGZILLA 5019): In std.regex, empty capture at end of string causes error)
$(LI $(BUGZILLA 5511): std.regex optional capture with no-match cause error)
$(LI $(BUGZILLA 5673): Add lookahead and forgetful matching support std.regex)
$(LI $(BUGZILLA 5857): std.regex (...){n,m} is bogus when (...) contains repetitions)
$(LI $(BUGZILLA 6076): regression, std.regex: "c.*|d" matches "mm")
$(LI $(BUGZILLA 6113): singletons in std.datetime are not created early enough)
$(LI $(BUGZILLA 5705): Swapping identical struct with hasElaborateAssign causes "overlapping array copy" exception)
$(LI $(BUGZILLA 6193): Appender.clear() functionality or documentation)