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# Makefile to build D runtime library phobos.lib for Win32
# Prerequisites:
# Digital Mars dmc, lib, and make that are unzipped from Digital Mars C:
# and are in the \dm\bin directory.
# Targets:
# make
# Same as make unittest
# make phobos.lib
# Build phobos.lib
# make clean
# Delete unneeded files created by build process
# make unittest
# Build phobos.lib, build and run unit tests
# make cov
# Build for coverage tests, run coverage tests
# make html
# Build documentation
# Notes:
# minit.obj requires Microsoft MASM386.EXE to build from minit.asm,
# or just use the supplied minit.obj
## Copy command
## Directory where dmd has been installed
## Flags for dmc C compiler
CFLAGS=-mn -6 -r
#CFLAGS=-g -mn -6 -r
## Flags for dmd D compiler
DFLAGS=-O -release -nofloat -w -d -property
#DFLAGS=-unittest -g -d
#DFLAGS=-unittest -cov -g -d
## Flags for compiling unittests
UDFLAGS=-O -nofloat -w -d -property
## C compiler
## D compiler
## Location of the svn repository
## Location of where to write the html documentation files
STDDOC = $(DOCSRC)/std.ddoc
## Location of druntime tree
$(CC) -c $(CFLAGS) $*
$(CC) -c $(CFLAGS) $*
$(DMD) -c $(DFLAGS) $*
$(CC) -c $*
targets : phobos.lib
test : test.exe
test.obj : test.d
$(DMD) -c test -g -unittest
test.exe : test.obj phobos.lib
$(DMD) test.obj -g -L/map
OBJS= Czlib.obj Dzlib.obj Ccurl.obj \
oldsyserror.obj \
# ti_bit.obj ti_Abit.obj
# The separation is a workaround for bug 4904 (optlink bug 3372).
# SRCS_1 is the heavyweight modules which are most likely to trigger the bug.
# Do not add any more modules to SRCS_1.
SRCS_11 = std\stdio.d std\stdiobase.d \
std\string.d std\format.d \
std\algorithm.d std\file.d
SRCS_12 = std\array.d std\functional.d std\range.d \
std\path.d std\outbuffer.d std\utf.d
SRCS_2 = std\csv.d std\math.d std\complex.d std\numeric.d std\bigint.d \
std\dateparse.d std\date.d std\datetime.d \
std\metastrings.d std\bitmanip.d std\typecons.d \
std\uni.d std\base64.d std\md5.d std\ctype.d std\ascii.d \
std\demangle.d std\uri.d std\mmfile.d std\getopt.d \
std\signals.d std\typetuple.d std\traits.d std\bind.d \
std\encoding.d std\xml.d \
std\random.d std\regexp.d \
std\contracts.d std\exception.d \
std\compiler.d std\cpuid.d \
std\process.d std\internal\processinit.d \
std\internal\uni.d std\internal\uni_tab.d \
std\system.d std\concurrency.d
SRCS_3 = std\variant.d \
std\stream.d std\socket.d std\socketstream.d \
std\perf.d std\container.d std\conv.d \
std\zip.d std\cstream.d std\loader.d \
std\datebase.d \
std\regex.d \
std\stdarg.d \
std\stdint.d \
std\json.d \
std\parallelism.d \
std\gregorian.d \
std\mathspecial.d \
std\internal\math\biguintcore.d \
std\internal\math\biguintnoasm.d std\internal\math\biguintx86.d \
std\internal\math\gammafunction.d std\internal\math\errorfunction.d \
std\internal\windows\advapi32.d \
crc32.d \
std\c\process.d \
std\c\stdarg.d \
std\c\stddef.d \
std\c\stdlib.d \
std\c\string.d \
std\c\time.d \
std\c\math.d \
std\c\windows\com.d \
std\c\windows\stat.d \
std\c\windows\windows.d \
std\c\windows\winsock.d \
std\windows\charset.d \
std\windows\iunknown.d \
std\windows\registry.d \
# The separation is a workaround for bug 4904 (optlink bug 3372).
# See:
SRCS = $(SRCS_11) $(SRCS_12) $(SRCS_2) $(SRCS_3)
DOCS= $(DOC)\object.html \
$(DOC)\core_atomic.html \
$(DOC)\core_bitop.html \
$(DOC)\core_cpuid.html \
$(DOC)\core_exception.html \
$(DOC)\core_memory.html \
$(DOC)\core_runtime.html \
$(DOC)\core_simd.html \
$(DOC)\core_time.html \
$(DOC)\core_thread.html \
$(DOC)\core_vararg.html \
$(DOC)\core_sync_barrier.html \
$(DOC)\core_sync_condition.html \
$(DOC)\core_sync_config.html \
$(DOC)\core_sync_exception.html \
$(DOC)\core_sync_mutex.html \
$(DOC)\core_sync_rwmutex.html \
$(DOC)\core_sync_semaphore.html \
$(DOC)\std_algorithm.html \
$(DOC)\std_array.html \
$(DOC)\std_ascii.html \
$(DOC)\std_base64.html \
$(DOC)\std_bigint.html \
$(DOC)\std_bind.html \
$(DOC)\std_bitmanip.html \
$(DOC)\std_concurrency.html \
$(DOC)\std_compiler.html \
$(DOC)\std_complex.html \
$(DOC)\std_contracts.html \
$(DOC)\std_container.html \
$(DOC)\std_conv.html \
$(DOC)\std_cpuid.html \
$(DOC)\std_cstream.html \
$(DOC)\std_ctype.html \
$(DOC)\std_csv.html \
$(DOC)\std_date.html \
$(DOC)\std_datetime.html \
$(DOC)\std_demangle.html \
$(DOC)\std_encoding.html \
$(DOC)\std_exception.html \
$(DOC)\std_file.html \
$(DOC)\std_format.html \
$(DOC)\std_functional.html \
$(DOC)\std_gc.html \
$(DOC)\std_getopt.html \
$(DOC)\std_gregorian.html \
$(DOC)\std_json.html \
$(DOC)\std_math.html \
$(DOC)\std_mathspecial.html \
$(DOC)\std_md5.html \
$(DOC)\std_metastrings.html \
$(DOC)\std_mmfile.html \
$(DOC)\std_numeric.html \
$(DOC)\std_outbuffer.html \
$(DOC)\std_parallelism.html \
$(DOC)\std_path.html \
$(DOC)\std_perf.html \
$(DOC)\std_process.html \
$(DOC)\std_random.html \
$(DOC)\std_range.html \
$(DOC)\std_regex.html \
$(DOC)\std_regexp.html \
$(DOC)\std_signals.html \
$(DOC)\std_socket.html \
$(DOC)\std_socketstream.html \
$(DOC)\std_stdint.html \
$(DOC)\std_stdio.html \
$(DOC)\std_stream.html \
$(DOC)\std_string.html \
$(DOC)\std_system.html \
$(DOC)\std_thread.html \
$(DOC)\std_traits.html \
$(DOC)\std_typecons.html \
$(DOC)\std_typetuple.html \
$(DOC)\std_uni.html \
$(DOC)\std_uri.html \
$(DOC)\std_utf.html \
$(DOC)\std_variant.html \
$(DOC)\std_xml.html \
$(DOC)\std_zip.html \
$(DOC)\std_zlib.html \
$(DOC)\std_windows_charset.html \
$(DOC)\std_windows_registry.html \
$(DOC)\std_c_fenv.html \
$(DOC)\std_c_locale.html \
$(DOC)\std_c_math.html \
$(DOC)\std_c_process.html \
$(DOC)\std_c_stdarg.html \
$(DOC)\std_c_stddef.html \
$(DOC)\std_c_stdio.html \
$(DOC)\std_c_stdlib.html \
$(DOC)\std_c_string.html \
$(DOC)\std_c_time.html \
$(DOC)\std_c_wcharh.html \
$(DOC)\std_net_isemail.html \
$(DOC)\etc_c_curl.html \
$(DOC)\etc_c_sqlite3.html \
$(DOC)\etc_c_zlib.html \
SRC= unittest.d crc32.d index.d
SRC_STD= std\zlib.d std\zip.d std\stdint.d std\container.d std\conv.d std\utf.d std\uri.d \
std\math.d std\string.d std\path.d std\date.d std\datetime.d \
std\ctype.d std\csv.d std\file.d std\compiler.d std\system.d \
std\outbuffer.d std\md5.d std\base64.d \
std\dateparse.d std\mmfile.d \
std\syserror.d \
std\regexp.d std\random.d std\stream.d std\process.d \
std\socket.d std\socketstream.d std\loader.d std\stdarg.d std\format.d \
std\stdio.d std\perf.d std\uni.d \
std\cstream.d std\demangle.d \
std\signals.d std\cpuid.d std\typetuple.d std\traits.d std\bind.d \
std\metastrings.d std\contracts.d std\getopt.d \
std\variant.d std\numeric.d std\bitmanip.d std\complex.d std\mathspecial.d \
std\functional.d std\algorithm.d std\array.d std\typecons.d \
std\json.d std\xml.d std\encoding.d std\bigint.d std\concurrency.d \
std\range.d std\stdiobase.d std\parallelism.d \
std\regex.d std\datebase.d \
std\gregorian.d std\exception.d std\ascii.d
SRC_STD_NET= std\net\isemail.d std\net\curl.d
SRC_STD_C= std\c\process.d std\c\stdlib.d std\c\time.d std\c\stdio.d \
std\c\math.d std\c\stdarg.d std\c\stddef.d std\c\fenv.d std\c\string.d \
std\c\locale.d std\c\wcharh.d
SRC_STD_WIN= std\windows\registry.d \
std\windows\iunknown.d std\windows\syserror.d std\windows\charset.d
SRC_STD_C_WIN= std\c\windows\windows.d std\c\windows\com.d \
std\c\windows\winsock.d std\c\windows\stat.d
SRC_STD_C_LINUX= std\c\linux\linux.d \
std\c\linux\socket.d std\c\linux\pthread.d std\c\linux\termios.d \
SRC_STD_C_OSX= std\c\osx\socket.d
SRC_STD_C_FREEBSD= std\c\freebsd\socket.d
SRC_STD_INTERNAL= std\internal\processinit.d std\internal\uni.d std\internal\uni_tab.d
SRC_STD_INTERNAL_MATH= std\internal\math\biguintcore.d \
std\internal\math\biguintnoasm.d std\internal\math\biguintx86.d \
std\internal\math\gammafunction.d std\internal\math\errorfunction.d
SRC_STD_INTERNAL_WINDOWS= std\internal\windows\advapi32.d
SRC_ETC_C= etc\c\zlib.d etc\c\curl.d etc\c\sqlite3.d
etc\c\zlib\crc32.h \
etc\c\zlib\deflate.h \
etc\c\zlib\gzguts.h \
etc\c\zlib\inffixed.h \
etc\c\zlib\inffast.h \
etc\c\zlib\inftrees.h \
etc\c\zlib\inflate.h \
etc\c\zlib\trees.h \
etc\c\zlib\zconf.h \
etc\c\zlib\zlib.h \
etc\c\zlib\zutil.h \
etc\c\zlib\adler32.c \
etc\c\zlib\compress.c \
etc\c\zlib\crc32.c \
etc\c\zlib\deflate.c \
etc\c\zlib\example.c \
etc\c\zlib\gzclose.c \
etc\c\zlib\gzlib.c \
etc\c\zlib\gzread.c \
etc\c\zlib\gzwrite.c \
etc\c\zlib\infback.c \
etc\c\zlib\inffast.c \
etc\c\zlib\inflate.c \
etc\c\zlib\inftrees.c \
etc\c\zlib\minigzip.c \
etc\c\zlib\trees.c \
etc\c\zlib\uncompr.c \
etc\c\zlib\zutil.c \
etc\c\zlib\algorithm.txt \
etc\c\zlib\zlib.3 \
etc\c\zlib\ChangeLog \
etc\c\zlib\README \
etc\c\zlib\win32.mak \
etc\c\zlib\linux.mak \
phobos.lib : $(OBJS) $(SRCS) \
etc\c\zlib\zlib.lib $(DRUNTIMELIB) win32.mak
$(DMD) -lib -ofphobos.lib -Xfphobos.json $(DFLAGS) $(SRCS) $(OBJS) \
etc\c\zlib\zlib.lib $(DRUNTIMELIB)
unittest : $(SRCS) phobos.lib
$(DMD) $(UDFLAGS) -L/co -c -unittest -ofunittest11.obj $(SRCS_11)
$(DMD) $(UDFLAGS) -L/co -c -unittest -ofunittest12.obj $(SRCS_12)
$(DMD) $(UDFLAGS) -L/co -c -unittest -ofunittest2.obj $(SRCS_2)
$(DMD) $(UDFLAGS) -L/co -unittest unittest.d $(SRCS_3) unittest11.obj unittest12.obj unittest2.obj \
etc\c\zlib\zlib.lib $(DRUNTIMELIB)
#unittest : unittest.exe
# unittest
#unittest.exe : unittest.d phobos.lib
# $(DMD) unittest -g
# dmc unittest.obj -g
cov : $(SRCS) phobos.lib
$(DMD) -cov -unittest -ofcov.exe unittest.d $(SRCS) phobos.lib
html : $(DOCS)
cd etc\c\zlib
make -f win32.mak zlib.lib
cd ..\..\..
### std
algorithm.obj : std\algorithm.d
$(DMD) -c $(DFLAGS) std\algorithm.d
array.obj : std\array.d
$(DMD) -c $(DFLAGS) std\array.d
ascii.obj : std\ascii.d
$(DMD) -c $(DFLAGS) std\ascii.d
base64.obj : std\base64.d
$(DMD) -c $(DFLAGS) -inline std\base64.d
bind.obj : std\bind.d
$(DMD) -c $(DFLAGS) -inline std\bind.d
bitmanip.obj : std\bitmanip.d
$(DMD) -c $(DFLAGS) std\bitmanip.d
concurrency.obj : std\concurrency.d
$(DMD) -c $(DFLAGS) std\concurrency.d
compiler.obj : std\compiler.d
$(DMD) -c $(DFLAGS) std\compiler.d
complex.obj : std\complex.d
$(DMD) -c $(DFLAGS) std\complex.d
contracts.obj : std\contracts.d
$(DMD) -c $(DFLAGS) std\contracts.d
container.obj : std\container.d
$(DMD) -c $(DFLAGS) std\container.d
conv.obj : std\conv.d
$(DMD) -c $(DFLAGS) std\conv.d
cpuid.obj : std\cpuid.d
$(DMD) -c $(DFLAGS) std\cpuid.d -ofcpuid.obj
cstream.obj : std\cstream.d
$(DMD) -c $(DFLAGS) std\cstream.d
ctype.obj : std\ctype.d
$(DMD) -c $(DFLAGS) std\ctype.d
csv.obj : std\csv.d
$(DMD) -c $(DFLAGS) std\csv.d
date.obj : std\dateparse.d std\date.d
$(DMD) -c $(DFLAGS) std\date.d
dateparse.obj : std\dateparse.d std\date.d
$(DMD) -c $(DFLAGS) std\dateparse.d
datetime.obj : std\datetime.d
$(DMD) -c $(DFLAGS) std\datetime.d
demangle.obj : std\demangle.d
$(DMD) -c $(DFLAGS) std\demangle.d
exception.obj : std\exception.d
$(DMD) -c $(DFLAGS) std\exception.d
file.obj : std\file.d
$(DMD) -c $(DFLAGS) std\file.d
format.obj : std\format.d
$(DMD) -c $(DFLAGS) std\format.d
functional.obj : std\functional.d
$(DMD) -c $(DFLAGS) std\functional.d
getopt.obj : std\getopt.d
$(DMD) -c $(DFLAGS) std\getopt.d
json.obj : std\json.d
$(DMD) -c $(DFLAGS) std\json.d
loader.obj : std\loader.d
$(DMD) -c $(DFLAGS) std\loader.d
math.obj : std\math.d
$(DMD) -c $(DFLAGS) std\math.d
mathspecial.obj : std\mathspecial.d
$(DMD) -c $(DFLAGS) std\mathspecial.d
md5.obj : std\md5.d
$(DMD) -c $(DFLAGS) -inline std\md5.d
metastrings.obj : std\metastrings.d
$(DMD) -c $(DFLAGS) -inline std\metastrings.d
mmfile.obj : std\mmfile.d
$(DMD) -c $(DFLAGS) std\mmfile.d
numeric.obj : std\numeric.d
$(DMD) -c $(DFLAGS) std\numeric.d
outbuffer.obj : std\outbuffer.d
$(DMD) -c $(DFLAGS) std\outbuffer.d
parallelism.obj : std\parallelism.d
$(DMD) -c $(DFLAGS) std\parallelism.d
path.obj : std\path.d
$(DMD) -c $(DFLAGS) std\path.d
perf.obj : std\perf.d
$(DMD) -c $(DFLAGS) std\perf.d
process.obj : std\process.d
$(DMD) -c $(DFLAGS) std\process.d
processinit.obj : std\internal\processinit.d
$(DMD) -c $(DFLAGS) std\internal\processinit.d
random.obj : std\random.d
$(DMD) -c $(DFLAGS) std\random.d
regexp.obj : std\regexp.d
$(DMD) -c $(DFLAGS) std\regexp.d
signals.obj : std\signals.d
$(DMD) -c $(DFLAGS) std\signals.d -ofsignals.obj
socket.obj : std\socket.d
$(DMD) -c $(DFLAGS) std\socket.d -ofsocket.obj
socketstream.obj : std\socketstream.d
$(DMD) -c $(DFLAGS) std\socketstream.d -ofsocketstream.obj
stdio.obj : std\stdio.d
$(DMD) -c $(DFLAGS) std\stdio.d
stream.obj : std\stream.d
$(DMD) -c $(DFLAGS) -d std\stream.d
string.obj : std\string.d
$(DMD) -c $(DFLAGS) std\string.d
oldsyserror.obj : std\syserror.d
$(DMD) -c $(DFLAGS) std\syserror.d -ofoldsyserror.obj
system.obj : std\system.d
$(DMD) -c $(DFLAGS) std\system.d
traits.obj : std\traits.d
$(DMD) -c $(DFLAGS) std\traits.d -oftraits.obj
typecons.obj : std\typecons.d
$(DMD) -c $(DFLAGS) std\typecons.d -oftypecons.obj
typetuple.obj : std\typetuple.d
$(DMD) -c $(DFLAGS) std\typetuple.d -oftypetuple.obj
uni.obj : std\uni.d
$(DMD) -c $(DFLAGS) std\uni.d
uri.obj : std\uri.d
$(DMD) -c $(DFLAGS) std\uri.d
utf.obj : std\utf.d
$(DMD) -c $(DFLAGS) std\utf.d
variant.obj : std\variant.d
$(DMD) -c $(DFLAGS) std\variant.d
xml.obj : std\xml.d
$(DMD) -c $(DFLAGS) std\xml.d
encoding.obj : std\encoding.d
$(DMD) -c $(DFLAGS) std\encoding.d
Dzlib.obj : std\zlib.d
$(DMD) -c $(DFLAGS) std\zlib.d -ofDzlib.obj
zip.obj : std\zip.d
$(DMD) -c $(DFLAGS) std\zip.d
bigint.obj : std\bigint.d
$(DMD) -c $(DFLAGS) std\bigint.d
biguintcore.obj : std\internal\math\biguintcore.d
$(DMD) -c $(DFLAGS) std\internal\math\biguintcore.d
biguintnoasm.obj : std\internal\math\biguintnoasm.d
$(DMD) -c $(DFLAGS) std\internal\math\biguintnoasm.d
biguintx86.obj : std\internal\math\biguintx86.d
$(DMD) -c $(DFLAGS) std\internal\math\biguintx86.d
gammafunction.obj : std\internal\math\gammafunction.d
$(DMD) -c $(DFLAGS) std\internal\math\gammafunction.d
errorfunction.obj : std\internal\math\errorfunction.d
$(DMD) -c $(DFLAGS) std\internal\math\errorfunction.d
### std\net
isemail.obj : std\net\isemail.d
$(DMD) -c $(DFLAGS) std\net\isemail.d
### std\windows
charset.obj : std\windows\charset.d
$(DMD) -c $(DFLAGS) std\windows\charset.d
iunknown.obj : std\windows\iunknown.d
$(DMD) -c $(DFLAGS) std\windows\iunknown.d
registry.obj : std\windows\registry.d
$(DMD) -c $(DFLAGS) std\windows\registry.d
syserror.obj : std\windows\syserror.d
$(DMD) -c $(DFLAGS) std\windows\syserror.d
### std\c
stdarg.obj : std\c\stdarg.d
$(DMD) -c $(DFLAGS) std\c\stdarg.d
c_stdio.obj : std\c\stdio.d
$(DMD) -c $(DFLAGS) std\c\stdio.d -ofc_stdio.obj
### etc
### etc\c
Czlib.obj : etc\c\zlib.d
$(DMD) -c $(DFLAGS) etc\c\zlib.d -ofCzlib.obj
Ccurl.obj : etc\c\curl.d
$(DMD) -c $(DFLAGS) etc\c\curl.d -ofCcurl.obj
### std\c\windows
com.obj : std\c\windows\com.d
$(DMD) -c $(DFLAGS) std\c\windows\com.d
stat.obj : std\c\windows\stat.d
$(DMD) -c $(DFLAGS) std\c\windows\stat.d
winsock.obj : std\c\windows\winsock.d
$(DMD) -c $(DFLAGS) std\c\windows\winsock.d
windows.obj : std\c\windows\windows.d
$(DMD) -c $(DFLAGS) std\c\windows\windows.d
################## DOCS ####################################
DDOCFLAGS=$(DFLAGS) -version=StdDdoc
$(DOC)\object.html : $(STDDOC) $(DRUNTIME)\src\object_.d
$(DMD) -c -o- $(DDOCFLAGS) -Df$(DOC)\object.html $(STDDOC) $(DRUNTIME)\src\object_.d -I$(DRUNTIME)\src\
$(DOC)\phobos.html : $(STDDOC) index.d
$(DMD) -c -o- $(DDOCFLAGS) -Df$(DOC)\phobos.html $(STDDOC) index.d
$(DOC)\core_atomic.html : $(STDDOC) $(DRUNTIME)\src\core\atomic.d
$(DMD) -c -o- $(DDOCFLAGS) -Df$(DOC)\core_atomic.html $(STDDOC) $(DRUNTIME)\src\core\atomic.d -I$(DRUNTIME)\src\
$(DOC)\core_bitop.html : $(STDDOC) $(DRUNTIME)\src\core\bitop.d
$(DMD) -c -o- $(DDOCFLAGS) -Df$(DOC)\core_bitop.html $(STDDOC) $(DRUNTIME)\src\core\bitop.d -I$(DRUNTIME)\src\
$(DOC)\core_cpuid.html : $(STDDOC) $(DRUNTIME)\src\core\cpuid.d
$(DMD) -c -o- $(DDOCFLAGS) -Df$(DOC)\core_cpuid.html $(STDDOC) $(DRUNTIME)\src\core\cpuid.d -I$(DRUNTIME)\src\
$(DOC)\core_exception.html : $(STDDOC) $(DRUNTIME)\src\core\exception.d
$(DMD) -c -o- $(DDOCFLAGS) -Df$(DOC)\core_exception.html $(STDDOC) $(DRUNTIME)\src\core\exception.d -I$(DRUNTIME)\src\
$(DOC)\core_memory.html : $(STDDOC) $(DRUNTIME)\src\core\memory.d
$(DMD) -c -o- $(DDOCFLAGS) -Df$(DOC)\core_memory.html $(STDDOC) $(DRUNTIME)\src\core\memory.d -I$(DRUNTIME)\src\
$(DOC)\core_runtime.html : $(STDDOC) $(DRUNTIME)\src\core\runtime.d
$(DMD) -c -o- $(DDOCFLAGS) -Df$(DOC)\core_runtime.html $(STDDOC) $(DRUNTIME)\src\core\runtime.d -I$(DRUNTIME)\src\
$(DOC)\core_simd.html : $(STDDOC) $(DRUNTIME)\src\core\simd.d
$(DMD) -c -o- $(DDOCFLAGS) -Df$(DOC)\core_simd.html $(STDDOC) $(DRUNTIME)\src\core\simd.d -I$(DRUNTIME)\src\
$(DOC)\core_time.html : $(STDDOC) $(DRUNTIME)\src\core\time.d
$(DMD) -c -o- $(DDOCFLAGS) -Df$(DOC)\core_time.html $(STDDOC) $(DRUNTIME)\src\core\time.d -I$(DRUNTIME)\src\
$(DOC)\core_thread.html : $(STDDOC) $(DRUNTIME)\src\core\thread.d
$(DMD) -c -o- $(DDOCFLAGS) -Df$(DOC)\core_thread.html $(STDDOC) $(DRUNTIME)\src\core\thread.d -I$(DRUNTIME)\src\
$(DOC)\core_vararg.html : $(STDDOC) $(DRUNTIME)\src\core\vararg.d
$(DMD) -c -o- $(DDOCFLAGS) -Df$(DOC)\core_vararg.html $(STDDOC) $(DRUNTIME)\src\core\vararg.d -I$(DRUNTIME)\src\
$(DOC)\core_sync_barrier.html : $(STDDOC) $(DRUNTIME)\src\core\sync\barrier.d
$(DMD) -c -o- $(DDOCFLAGS) -Df$(DOC)\core_sync_barrier.html $(STDDOC) $(DRUNTIME)\src\core\sync\barrier.d -I$(DRUNTIME)\src\
$(DOC)\core_sync_condition.html : $(STDDOC) $(DRUNTIME)\src\core\sync\condition.d
$(DMD) -c -o- $(DDOCFLAGS) -Df$(DOC)\core_sync_condition.html $(STDDOC) $(DRUNTIME)\src\core\sync\condition.d -I$(DRUNTIME)\src\
$(DOC)\core_sync_config.html : $(STDDOC) $(DRUNTIME)\src\core\sync\config.d
$(DMD) -c -o- $(DDOCFLAGS) -Df$(DOC)\core_sync_config.html $(STDDOC) $(DRUNTIME)\src\core\sync\config.d -I$(DRUNTIME)\src\
$(DOC)\core_sync_exception.html : $(STDDOC) $(DRUNTIME)\src\core\sync\exception.d
$(DMD) -c -o- $(DDOCFLAGS) -Df$(DOC)\core_sync_exception.html $(STDDOC) $(DRUNTIME)\src\core\sync\exception.d -I$(DRUNTIME)\src\
$(DOC)\core_sync_mutex.html : $(STDDOC) $(DRUNTIME)\src\core\sync\mutex.d
$(DMD) -c -o- $(DDOCFLAGS) -Df$(DOC)\core_sync_mutex.html $(STDDOC) $(DRUNTIME)\src\core\sync\mutex.d -I$(DRUNTIME)\src\
$(DOC)\core_sync_rwmutex.html : $(STDDOC) $(DRUNTIME)\src\core\sync\rwmutex.d
$(DMD) -c -o- $(DDOCFLAGS) -Df$(DOC)\core_sync_rwmutex.html $(STDDOC) $(DRUNTIME)\src\core\sync\rwmutex.d -I$(DRUNTIME)\src\
$(DOC)\core_sync_semaphore.html : $(STDDOC) $(DRUNTIME)\src\core\sync\semaphore.d
$(DMD) -c -o- $(DDOCFLAGS) -Df$(DOC)\core_sync_semaphore.html $(STDDOC) $(DRUNTIME)\src\core\sync\semaphore.d -I$(DRUNTIME)\src\
$(DOC)\std_algorithm.html : $(STDDOC) std\algorithm.d
$(DMD) -c -o- $(DDOCFLAGS) -Df$(DOC)\std_algorithm.html $(STDDOC) std\algorithm.d
$(DOC)\std_array.html : $(STDDOC) std\array.d
$(DMD) -c -o- $(DDOCFLAGS) -Df$(DOC)\std_array.html $(STDDOC) std\array.d
$(DOC)\std_ascii.html : $(STDDOC) std\ascii.d
$(DMD) -c -o- $(DDOCFLAGS) -Df$(DOC)\std_ascii.html $(STDDOC) std\ascii.d
$(DOC)\std_base64.html : $(STDDOC) std\base64.d
$(DMD) -c -o- $(DDOCFLAGS) -Df$(DOC)\std_base64.html $(STDDOC) std\base64.d
$(DOC)\std_bigint.html : $(STDDOC) std\bigint.d
$(DMD) -c -o- $(DDOCFLAGS) -Df$(DOC)\std_bigint.html $(STDDOC) std\bigint.d
$(DOC)\std_bind.html : $(STDDOC) std\bind.d
$(DMD) -c -o- $(DDOCFLAGS) -Df$(DOC)\std_bind.html $(STDDOC) std\bind.d
$(DOC)\std_bitmanip.html : $(STDDOC) std\bitmanip.d
$(DMD) -c -o- $(DDOCFLAGS) -Df$(DOC)\std_bitmanip.html $(STDDOC) std\bitmanip.d
$(DOC)\std_concurrency.html : $(STDDOC) std\concurrency.d
$(DMD) -c -o- $(DDOCFLAGS) -Df$(DOC)\std_concurrency.html $(STDDOC) std\concurrency.d
$(DOC)\std_compiler.html : $(STDDOC) std\compiler.d
$(DMD) -c -o- $(DDOCFLAGS) -Df$(DOC)\std_compiler.html $(STDDOC) std\compiler.d
$(DOC)\std_complex.html : $(STDDOC) std\complex.d
$(DMD) -c -o- $(DDOCFLAGS) -Df$(DOC)\std_complex.html $(STDDOC) std\complex.d
$(DOC)\std_contracts.html : $(STDDOC) std\contracts.d
$(DMD) -c -o- $(DDOCFLAGS) -Df$(DOC)\std_contracts.html $(STDDOC) std\contracts.d
$(DOC)\std_conv.html : $(STDDOC) std\conv.d
$(DMD) -c -o- $(DDOCFLAGS) -Df$(DOC)\std_conv.html $(STDDOC) std\conv.d
$(DOC)\std_container.html : $(STDDOC) std\container.d
$(DMD) -c -o- $(DDOCFLAGS) -Df$(DOC)\std_container.html $(STDDOC) std\container.d
$(DOC)\std_cpuid.html : $(STDDOC) std\cpuid.d
$(DMD) -c -o- $(DDOCFLAGS) -Df$(DOC)\std_cpuid.html $(STDDOC) std\cpuid.d
$(DOC)\std_cstream.html : $(STDDOC) std\cstream.d
$(DMD) -c -o- $(DDOCFLAGS) -Df$(DOC)\std_cstream.html $(STDDOC) std\cstream.d
$(DOC)\std_ctype.html : $(STDDOC) std\ctype.d
$(DMD) -c -o- $(DDOCFLAGS) -Df$(DOC)\std_ctype.html $(STDDOC) std\ctype.d
$(DOC)\std_csv.html : $(STDDOC) std\csv.d
$(DMD) -c -o- $(DFLAGS) -Df$(DOC)\std_csv.html $(STDDOC) std\csv.d
$(DOC)\std_date.html : $(STDDOC) std\date.d
$(DMD) -c -o- $(DDOCFLAGS) -Df$(DOC)\std_date.html $(STDDOC) std\date.d
$(DOC)\std_datetime.html : $(STDDOC) std\datetime.d
$(DMD) -c -o- $(DDOCFLAGS) -Df$(DOC)\std_datetime.html $(STDDOC) std\datetime.d
$(DOC)\std_demangle.html : $(STDDOC) std\demangle.d
$(DMD) -c -o- $(DDOCFLAGS) -Df$(DOC)\std_demangle.html $(STDDOC) std\demangle.d
$(DOC)\std_exception.html : $(STDDOC) std\exception.d
$(DMD) -c -o- $(DDOCFLAGS) -Df$(DOC)\std_exception.html $(STDDOC) std\exception.d
$(DOC)\std_file.html : $(STDDOC) std\file.d
$(DMD) -c -o- $(DDOCFLAGS) -Df$(DOC)\std_file.html $(STDDOC) std\file.d
$(DOC)\std_format.html : $(STDDOC) std\format.d
$(DMD) -c -o- $(DDOCFLAGS) -Df$(DOC)\std_format.html $(STDDOC) std\format.d
$(DOC)\std_functional.html : $(STDDOC) std\functional.d
$(DMD) -c -o- $(DDOCFLAGS) -Df$(DOC)\std_functional.html $(STDDOC) std\functional.d
$(DOC)\std_gc.html : $(STDDOC) $(DRUNTIME)\src\core\memory.d
$(DMD) -c -o- $(DDOCFLAGS) -Df$(DOC)\std_gc.html $(STDDOC) $(DRUNTIME)\src\core\memory.d
$(DOC)\std_getopt.html : $(STDDOC) std\getopt.d
$(DMD) -c -o- $(DDOCFLAGS) -Df$(DOC)\std_getopt.html $(STDDOC) std\getopt.d
$(DOC)\std_gregorian.html : $(STDDOC) std\gregorian.d
$(DMD) -c -o- $(DDOCFLAGS) -Df$(DOC)\std_gregorian.html $(STDDOC) std\gregorian.d
$(DOC)\std_json.html : $(STDDOC) std\json.d
$(DMD) -c -o- $(DDOCFLAGS) -Df$(DOC)\std_json.html $(STDDOC) std\json.d
$(DOC)\std_math.html : $(STDDOC) std\math.d
$(DMD) -c -o- $(DDOCFLAGS) -Df$(DOC)\std_math.html $(STDDOC) std\math.d
$(DOC)\std_mathspecial.html : $(STDDOC) std\mathspecial.d
$(DMD) -c -o- $(DDOCFLAGS) -Df$(DOC)\std_mathspecial.html $(STDDOC) std\mathspecial.d
$(DOC)\std_md5.html : $(STDDOC) std\md5.d
$(DMD) -c -o- $(DDOCFLAGS) -Df$(DOC)\std_md5.html $(STDDOC) std\md5.d
$(DOC)\std_metastrings.html : $(STDDOC) std\metastrings.d
$(DMD) -c -o- $(DDOCFLAGS) -Df$(DOC)\std_metastrings.html $(STDDOC) std\metastrings.d
$(DOC)\std_mmfile.html : $(STDDOC) std\mmfile.d
$(DMD) -c -o- $(DDOCFLAGS) -Df$(DOC)\std_mmfile.html $(STDDOC) std\mmfile.d
$(DOC)\std_numeric.html : $(STDDOC) std\numeric.d
$(DMD) -c -o- $(DDOCFLAGS) -Df$(DOC)\std_numeric.html $(STDDOC) std\numeric.d
$(DOC)\std_outbuffer.html : $(STDDOC) std\outbuffer.d
$(DMD) -c -o- $(DDOCFLAGS) -Df$(DOC)\std_outbuffer.html $(STDDOC) std\outbuffer.d
$(DOC)\std_parallelism.html : $(STDDOC) std\parallelism.d
$(DMD) -c -o- $(DDOCFLAGS) -Df$(DOC)\std_parallelism.html $(STDDOC) std\parallelism.d
$(DOC)\std_path.html : $(STDDOC) std\path.d
$(DMD) -c -o- $(DDOCFLAGS) -Df$(DOC)\std_path.html $(STDDOC) std\path.d
$(DOC)\std_perf.html : $(STDDOC) std\perf.d
$(DMD) -c -o- $(DDOCFLAGS) -Df$(DOC)\std_perf.html $(STDDOC) std\perf.d
$(DOC)\std_process.html : $(STDDOC) std\process.d
$(DMD) -c -o- $(DDOCFLAGS) -Df$(DOC)\std_process.html $(STDDOC) std\process.d
$(DOC)\std_random.html : $(STDDOC) std\random.d
$(DMD) -c -o- $(DDOCFLAGS) -Df$(DOC)\std_random.html $(STDDOC) std\random.d
$(DOC)\std_range.html : $(STDDOC) std\range.d
$(DMD) -c -o- $(DDOCFLAGS) -Df$(DOC)\std_range.html $(STDDOC) std\range.d
$(DOC)\std_regex.html : $(STDDOC) std\regex.d
$(DMD) -c -o- $(DDOCFLAGS) -Df$(DOC)\std_regex.html $(STDDOC) std\regex.d
$(DOC)\std_regexp.html : $(STDDOC) std\regexp.d
$(DMD) -c -o- $(DDOCFLAGS) -Df$(DOC)\std_regexp.html $(STDDOC) std\regexp.d
$(DOC)\std_signals.html : $(STDDOC) std\signals.d
$(DMD) -c -o- $(DDOCFLAGS) -Df$(DOC)\std_signals.html $(STDDOC) std\signals.d
$(DOC)\std_socket.html : $(STDDOC) std\socket.d
$(DMD) -c -o- $(DDOCFLAGS) -Df$(DOC)\std_socket.html $(STDDOC) std\socket.d
$(DOC)\std_socketstream.html : $(STDDOC) std\socketstream.d
$(DMD) -c -o- $(DDOCFLAGS) -Df$(DOC)\std_socketstream.html $(STDDOC) std\socketstream.d
$(DOC)\std_stdint.html : $(STDDOC) std\stdint.d
$(DMD) -c -o- $(DDOCFLAGS) -Df$(DOC)\std_stdint.html $(STDDOC) std\stdint.d
$(DOC)\std_stdio.html : $(STDDOC) std\stdio.d
$(DMD) -c -o- $(DDOCFLAGS) -Df$(DOC)\std_stdio.html $(STDDOC) std\stdio.d
$(DOC)\std_stream.html : $(STDDOC) std\stream.d
$(DMD) -c -o- $(DDOCFLAGS) -Df$(DOC)\std_stream.html -d $(STDDOC) std\stream.d
$(DOC)\std_string.html : $(STDDOC) std\string.d
$(DMD) -c -o- $(DDOCFLAGS) -Df$(DOC)\std_string.html $(STDDOC) std\string.d
$(DOC)\std_system.html : $(STDDOC) std\system.d
$(DMD) -c -o- $(DDOCFLAGS) -Df$(DOC)\std_system.html $(STDDOC) std\system.d
$(DOC)\std_thread.html : $(STDDOC) $(DRUNTIME)\src\core\thread.d
$(DMD) -c -o- -d $(DDOCFLAGS) -Df$(DOC)\std_thread.html $(STDDOC) $(DRUNTIME)\src\core\thread.d
$(DOC)\std_traits.html : $(STDDOC) std\traits.d
$(DMD) -c -o- $(DDOCFLAGS) -Df$(DOC)\std_traits.html $(STDDOC) std\traits.d
$(DOC)\std_typecons.html : $(STDDOC) std\typecons.d
$(DMD) -c -o- $(DDOCFLAGS) -Df$(DOC)\std_typecons.html $(STDDOC) std\typecons.d
$(DOC)\std_typetuple.html : $(STDDOC) std\typetuple.d
$(DMD) -c -o- $(DDOCFLAGS) -Df$(DOC)\std_typetuple.html $(STDDOC) std\typetuple.d
$(DOC)\std_uni.html : $(STDDOC) std\uni.d
$(DMD) -c -o- $(DDOCFLAGS) -Df$(DOC)\std_uni.html $(STDDOC) std\uni.d
$(DOC)\std_uri.html : $(STDDOC) std\uri.d
$(DMD) -c -o- $(DDOCFLAGS) -Df$(DOC)\std_uri.html $(STDDOC) std\uri.d
$(DOC)\std_utf.html : $(STDDOC) std\utf.d
$(DMD) -c -o- $(DDOCFLAGS) -Df$(DOC)\std_utf.html $(STDDOC) std\utf.d
$(DOC)\std_variant.html : $(STDDOC) std\variant.d
$(DMD) -c -o- $(DDOCFLAGS) -Df$(DOC)\std_variant.html $(STDDOC) std\variant.d
$(DOC)\std_xml.html : $(STDDOC) std\xml.d
$(DMD) -c -o- $(DDOCFLAGS) -Df$(DOC)\std_xml.html $(STDDOC) std\xml.d
$(DOC)\std_encoding.html : $(STDDOC) std\encoding.d
$(DMD) -c -o- $(DDOCFLAGS) -Df$(DOC)\std_encoding.html $(STDDOC) std\encoding.d
$(DOC)\std_zip.html : $(STDDOC) std\zip.d
$(DMD) -c -o- $(DDOCFLAGS) -Df$(DOC)\std_zip.html $(STDDOC) std\zip.d
$(DOC)\std_zlib.html : $(STDDOC) std\zlib.d
$(DMD) -c -o- $(DDOCFLAGS) -Df$(DOC)\std_zlib.html $(STDDOC) std\zlib.d
$(DOC)\std_windows_charset.html : $(STDDOC) std\windows\charset.d
$(DMD) -c -o- $(DDOCFLAGS) -Df$(DOC)\std_windows_charset.html $(STDDOC) std\windows\charset.d
$(DOC)\std_windows_registry.html : $(STDDOC) std\windows\registry.d
$(DMD) -c -o- $(DDOCFLAGS) -Df$(DOC)\std_windows_registry.html $(STDDOC) std\windows\registry.d
$(DOC)\std_c_fenv.html : $(STDDOC) std\c\fenv.d
$(DMD) -c -o- $(DDOCFLAGS) -Df$(DOC)\std_c_fenv.html $(STDDOC) std\c\fenv.d
$(DOC)\std_c_locale.html : $(STDDOC) std\c\locale.d
$(DMD) -c -o- $(DDOCFLAGS) -Df$(DOC)\std_c_locale.html $(STDDOC) std\c\locale.d
$(DOC)\std_c_math.html : $(STDDOC) std\c\math.d
$(DMD) -c -o- $(DDOCFLAGS) -Df$(DOC)\std_c_math.html $(STDDOC) std\c\math.d
$(DOC)\std_c_process.html : $(STDDOC) std\c\process.d
$(DMD) -c -o- $(DDOCFLAGS) -Df$(DOC)\std_c_process.html $(STDDOC) std\c\process.d
$(DOC)\std_c_stdarg.html : $(STDDOC) std\c\stdarg.d
$(DMD) -c -o- $(DDOCFLAGS) -Df$(DOC)\std_c_stdarg.html $(STDDOC) std\c\stdarg.d
$(DOC)\std_c_stddef.html : $(STDDOC) std\c\stddef.d
$(DMD) -c -o- $(DDOCFLAGS) -Df$(DOC)\std_c_stddef.html $(STDDOC) std\c\stddef.d
$(DOC)\std_c_stdio.html : $(STDDOC) std\c\stdio.d
$(DMD) -c -o- $(DDOCFLAGS) -Df$(DOC)\std_c_stdio.html $(STDDOC) std\c\stdio.d
$(DOC)\std_c_stdlib.html : $(STDDOC) std\c\stdlib.d
$(DMD) -c -o- $(DDOCFLAGS) -Df$(DOC)\std_c_stdlib.html $(STDDOC) std\c\stdlib.d
$(DOC)\std_c_string.html : $(STDDOC) std\c\string.d
$(DMD) -c -o- $(DDOCFLAGS) -Df$(DOC)\std_c_string.html $(STDDOC) std\c\string.d
$(DOC)\std_c_time.html : $(STDDOC) std\c\time.d
$(DMD) -c -o- $(DDOCFLAGS) -Df$(DOC)\std_c_time.html $(STDDOC) std\c\time.d
$(DOC)\std_c_wcharh.html : $(STDDOC) std\c\wcharh.d
$(DMD) -c -o- $(DDOCFLAGS) -Df$(DOC)\std_c_wcharh.html $(STDDOC) std\c\wcharh.d
$(DOC)\std_net_isemail.html : $(STDDOC) std\net\isemail.d
$(DMD) -c -o- $(DDOCFLAGS) -Df$(DOC)\std_net_isemail.html $(STDDOC) std\net\isemail.d
$(DOC)\etc_c_curl.html : $(STDDOC) etc\c\curl.d
$(DMD) -c -o- $(DDOCFLAGS) -Df$(DOC)\etc_c_curl.html $(STDDOC) etc\c\curl.d
$(DOC)\etc_c_sqlite3.html : $(STDDOC) etc\c\sqlite3.d
$(DMD) -c -o- $(DDOCFLAGS) -Df$(DOC)\etc_c_sqlite3.html $(STDDOC) etc\c\sqlite3.d
$(DOC)\etc_c_zlib.html : $(STDDOC) etc\c\zlib.d
$(DMD) -c -o- $(DDOCFLAGS) -Df$(DOC)\etc_c_zlib.html $(STDDOC) etc\c\zlib.d
zip : win32.mak posix.mak $(STDDOC) $(SRC) \
zip32 -u phobos win32.mak posix.mak $(STDDOC)
zip32 -u phobos $(SRC)
zip32 -u phobos $(SRC_STD)
zip32 -u phobos $(SRC_STD_C)
zip32 -u phobos $(SRC_STD_WIN)
zip32 -u phobos $(SRC_STD_C_WIN)
zip32 -u phobos $(SRC_STD_C_LINUX)
zip32 -u phobos $(SRC_STD_C_OSX)
zip32 -u phobos $(SRC_STD_C_FREEBSD)
zip32 -u phobos $(SRC_STD_INTERNAL)
zip32 -u phobos $(SRC_STD_INTERNAL_MATH)
zip32 -u phobos $(SRC_STD_INTERNAL_WINDOWS)
zip32 -u phobos $(SRC_ETC) $(SRC_ETC_C)
zip32 -u phobos $(SRC_ZLIB)
zip32 -u phobos $(SRC_STD_NET)
cd etc\c\zlib
make -f win32.mak clean
cd ..\..\..
del $(OBJS)
del $(DOCS)
del unittest1.obj unittest.obj unittest.exe
del phobos.lib
del phobos.json
del $(DOCS)
$(CP) phobos.lib $(DIR)\windows\lib\
$(CP) $(DRUNTIME)\lib\gcstub.obj $(DIR)\windows\lib\
$(CP) win32.mak posix.mak $(STDDOC) $(DIR)\src\phobos\
$(CP) $(SRC) $(DIR)\src\phobos\
$(CP) $(SRC_STD) $(DIR)\src\phobos\std\
$(CP) $(SRC_STD_NET) $(DIR)\src\phobos\std\net\
$(CP) $(SRC_STD_C) $(DIR)\src\phobos\std\c\
$(CP) $(SRC_STD_WIN) $(DIR)\src\phobos\std\windows\
$(CP) $(SRC_STD_C_WIN) $(DIR)\src\phobos\std\c\windows\
$(CP) $(SRC_STD_C_LINUX) $(DIR)\src\phobos\std\c\linux\
$(CP) $(SRC_STD_C_OSX) $(DIR)\src\phobos\std\c\osx\
$(CP) $(SRC_STD_C_FREEBSD) $(DIR)\src\phobos\std\c\freebsd\
$(CP) $(SRC_STD_INTERNAL) $(DIR)\src\phobos\std\internal\
$(CP) $(SRC_STD_INTERNAL_MATH) $(DIR)\src\phobos\std\internal\math\
$(CP) $(SRC_STD_INTERNAL_WINDOWS) $(DIR)\src\phobos\std\internal\windows\
#$(CP) $(SRC_ETC) $(DIR)\src\phobos\etc\
$(CP) $(SRC_ETC_C) $(DIR)\src\phobos\etc\c\
$(CP) $(SRC_ZLIB) $(DIR)\src\phobos\etc\c\zlib\
$(CP) $(DOCS) $(DIR)\html\d\phobos\
$(CP) win32.mak posix.mak $(STDDOC) $(SVN)\
$(CP) $(SRC) $(SVN)\
$(CP) $(SRC_STD) $(SVN)\std\
$(CP) $(SRC_STD_NET) $(SVN)\std\net\
$(CP) $(SRC_STD_C) $(SVN)\std\c\
$(CP) $(SRC_STD_WIN) $(SVN)\std\windows\
$(CP) $(SRC_STD_C_WIN) $(SVN)\std\c\windows\
$(CP) $(SRC_STD_C_LINUX) $(SVN)\std\c\linux\
$(CP) $(SRC_STD_C_OSX) $(SVN)\std\c\osx\
$(CP) $(SRC_STD_C_FREEBSD) $(SVN)\std\c\freebsd\
$(CP) $(SRC_STD_INTERNAL) $(SVN)\std\internal\
$(CP) $(SRC_STD_INTERNAL_MATH) $(SVN)\std\internal\math\
$(CP) $(SRC_STD_INTERNAL_WINDOWS) $(SVN)\std\internal\windows\
#$(CP) $(SRC_ETC) $(SVN)\etc\
$(CP) $(SRC_ETC_C) $(SVN)\etc\c\
$(CP) $(SRC_ZLIB) $(SVN)\etc\c\zlib\