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Git Scripts

These scripts are helpers for managing developer workflow when using git repos hosted on GitHub. Install as a rubygem and they can be run as standard git commands like git about.

Gem Installation

$ gem install pivotal_git_scripts

System Wide Installation

$ cd /usr/local/bin && curl -L | gunzip | tar xvf - --strip=2


git about shows settings set by git pair and git project


$ git pair js sp Susser & Sam Pierson

Use git pair to set the git config user info that sets the commit user metadata. You'll need to create a .pairs config file to map initials to names and email ids. The example file:

# .pairs - configuration for 'git pair'
# place in project or home directory
  eh: Edward Hieatt
  js: Josh Susser; jsusser
  sf: Serguei Filimonov; serguei
  prefix: pair
#global: true

You can put the .pairs file in your project repo root directory and check it into git, or you can put it in your ~ directory so it's available to all projects on the workstation.

By default this command affects the configuration in the current project (.git/config). Use the --global option or add 'global: true' to your pairs file to set the global git configuration for all projects (~/.gitconfig).


$ git project pivots

This script sets the user account you will use to access repos hosted on It creates a symlink from id_github_current to id_github_pivotal<project>, which switches the SSH key you are currently using to access GitHub repos. Make sure you have the following lines in your .ssh/config file:

  User git
  IdentityFile /Users/pivotal/.ssh/id_github_current

Copyright (c) 2010 Pivotal Labs. This software is licensed under the MIT License.