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Android JUnit Report Example Project


This directory contains a sample project that illustrates how to use
Android JUnit Report with Ant.  The project itself is a default one
create by the android tool, with a simple test project under the tests/

Files Of Interest

The only source files of interest are:

  * tests/ sets the test.runner property to use the
    custom runner.
  * tests/custom_rules.xml: defines targets that use the custom test

Once you run some tests you will see reports in:

  * tests/bin/reports


To try out the sample, first build the main application, then run the
test-and-fetch target in the tests/subdirectory:

  $ ant debug install
  $ cd tests
  $ ant test-and-fetch

You should see the report at tests/bin/reports/junit-report.xml.  You
can also try a target with custom arguments:

  $ ant custom-location

which fetches a report to the same directory, but with the test suite
name included.  This latter example requires the device to have external
storage mounted.  It also assumes that such storage is mounted at
/sdcard, which is not always true (you can simply edit the path in the
custom rules file to match your device if necessary).

More Information

For more information, refer to:

  * The top-level README (in the directory above this one).
  * The official project home page: