Custom Ant tasks for Android projects from Zutubi.
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Zutubi Android Ant Tasks


The zutubi-android-ant project provides a collection of Ant tasks that are useful for Android ( projects. These tasks are intended to complement the Ant support provided by the Android SDK.

Home Page

The zutubi-android-ant project has home on the web at:

Check it out for full project documentation.


This code is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0. See the LICENSE file for details.

Quick Start

To use zutubi-android-ant in your projects, you can:

  • Download the latest jar from: and add it to your source tree.
  • Define a namespace on the root element of your build file as follows:
  • Nested within this root element, add the following taskdef:
  • Reference the tasks in under the zaa: namespace, e.g.: zaa:lint </zaa:lint>

Available Tasks

Currently, zutubi-android-ant contains the following tasks:

  • addusedpermission : adds elements to a manifest
  • bumpversion : bumps the project versionCode (optionally versionName)
  • getversion : captures the versionCode and versionName to properties
  • jsonversion : generates a JSON file usable with cwac-updater
  • libproperties : makes it easy to link library sources in Eclipse
  • lint : convenience task for running Android lint
  • ndkbuild : convenience task for running native builds
  • removeusedpermission : removes elements from a manifest
  • setmanifestattributes: sets attributes on the element
  • setversion : sets the project versionCode and/or versionName

Full documentation for the tasks is available online:

More Information

For more details check out:


To build the task jar, use ant in the root directory of this source tree:

$ ant jar

More ant targets are available, for details run:

$ ant -p

The build uses the Ant Script Library ( for those that wish to understand further.


If you have any thoughts, questions etc about the tasks, you can contact me at:

All feedback is welcome.