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This module has been deprecated by mozilla-get-url.


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Grabs Firefox package URLs


npm install firefox-get


get(version, [options], [callback])

version can be a number (20) or a string ('18.0b2'), or a channel version such as 'release', 'beta', 'aurora' and 'nightly'. Returns a promise, or can pass in a callback, which has an err and value argument signature.

The module exports two methods: b2g and firefox with the same function signature, one for the Firefox browser, and the other for Firefox OS.

There are some OS/version/language combinations that don't exist. Be sure to check the Firefox FTP to see if it exists when debugging any issues.


  • os: Operating system. Available are the following:
    • 'linux-x86_64' (default);
    • 'linux-i686'
    • 'mac'
    • 'win32'
    • 'win64-x86_64' (Only works with aurora/nightly channels)
  • language: Any of the supported language codes. Here's a list of languages. 'en-US' is default.


Also provided is a CLI tool -- same options (os, language, version) as above. Pushes URL to stdout.

# Specify version
$ firefox-get -v nightly
$ firefox-get --version 24

# Language and OS
$ firefox-get -v nightly -l en-US -o linux-x86_64
$ firefox-get --version nightly --language en-US --os linux-x86_64

# Also a B2G flag for the B2G URL instead of Firefox's
$ firefox-get -b -v aurora
$ firefox-get --b2g -v aurora


var get = require('firefox-get');
var b2gGet = get.b2g;

get('16.0.2').then(function (url) {
  console.log(url); //

get('nightly').then(function (url) {
  console.log(url); //

// Get b2g package
b2gGet('release').then(function (url) {
  // URL returned

// Using options
get('release', { os: 'linux-i686', language: 'es-ES' }).then(function (url) {
  console.log(url); //

// Using callbacks
get('notaversion', function (err) {
  // err on response

get('18.0b2', function (err, url) {
  // URL returned


Run tests with npm test


MIT License