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Compose key on Mac OS X
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Compose key on macOS. Completely X Window-like.

Note this contains my modifications which you may need to modify. My settings are: CapsLock real key is Left Control and Right Command real key is Compose in the end.

Tested on 10.14.5 (Mojave) and Karabiner-Elements 12.5.1. Feel free to contact me if you have any issues.


  • Install Karabiner-Elements from
  • Run ./ (it saves one backup copy if overwriting)
  • Restart your user session (log out and in again).


If you want to hack more, have a look into misc directory.


It generally works, but in applications that eat the <F13> key (like MacVim or iTerm) it does not work. If you have any ready solutions, please let me know. <F13> key needs to be disabled in the Terminal in order to make compose work there.


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