RESTMan is a browser extension to work on http requests.
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RESTMan for Opera

RESTMan is a browser extension to work on http(s) requests.

Inspired by POSTMAN for Chrome.

RestMan demo

Use instructions

Developer mode: Clone the repo or download the latest package.

  • Open the browser (Opera 24 or above, based on Chromium, or any Chrome)
  • Go to Extensions tab (Menu -> Extensions).
  • Enable Developer mode
  • "Load Unpacked Extension" and when asked for a folder choose the folder where the manifest.json file is located.
  • A "RESTMAN" button should appear next to your url bar.

User mode: Go to Restman's Extension page


  • GET, POST, PUT, PATCH, DELETE requests.
  • Custom request headers.
  • Raw and Form data body.
  • View highlighted response.
  • View response headers.
  • Ctrl+Enter sends request.
  • Private mode
  • Share/Import requests.

Running tests

$ cd tests
$ virtualenv .virtualenv
$ source .virtualenv/bin/activate
$ pip install -r requirements.txt
$ behave


MIT License v2 (see LICENSE file).