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My public .plan file because I'm secretly a unix neckbeard.
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2019 .plan | @jsatk

Table of contents

January 2019


It's been awhile.

  • Started on a Spotify CLI tool with @stephen-lazaro written in Rust. Maybe now that I have an actual project to do I'll finally learn Rust properly.
  • Mucked about with my dotfiles as always.
  • Switched from irssi to weechat. It's so much better.
  • Set up a VPS for IRC because I'm sick of dealing with ZNCs and all the other nonsense regarding persistent IRC. Now I use mosh to connect and attach to a remote tmux session running weechat. This hilariously seems like the most straight forward way to have a persistent IRC session that is similar to Slack.
  • Started using Ranger. So far I dig it now that I've just abandoned image support. Why is it that most python tools are difficult to get working right?
  • Started using rtv. I never realized how well reddit's format suited the commandline. I love it.
  • Started using Tridactyl for Firefox and switched fully over to Firefox on iOS and mac. So far so good. Tridactyl alone makes the Firefox switch worth it. I wish iOS supported setting a default browser.
  • Played a lot more Destiny 2.
  • Got into the new Smash Bros.
  • Started and beat The Messenger.
  • Played more Caves of Qud. I still barely know what I'm doing.
  • Figured out how to get fucking italics to work in tmuxinator... again.
  • Messed around with kitty & alacritty only to return to iTerm. They're way too buggy and not ready for day-to-day serious usage.
  • Did Christmas 🎄.
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