The unofficial app of the 2017 Duluth Homegrown Music Festival
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Backend/Azure Functions


The unofficial app of the 2017 Duluth Homegrown Music Festival

Get the apps now

HGMF2017 app for iOS in the iTunes Store

HGMF2017 app for Android in the Google Play Store


Setup (compiling the code for yourself)


  1. Install one of the following:
  1. Open App/HGMF2017.sln usng one of the above.
  2. Rename the App/HGMF2017/SettingsTemplate.cs file to App/HGMF2017/Settings.cs. Note that SettingsTemplate.cs is excluded from the solution intentionally, so you'll need to rename this file via your file system. When you do this, the Settings.cs file that Visual Studio may have complained is missing will now be present in the solution.
  3. Replace all the values in Settings.cs with your various API keys.


You may not need all the API keys that you see in Settings.cs. If you poke around in the code, you'll see that I'm using some services for crash reporting and analytics, like Pyze and Azure Mobile Center. If you don't need these, then just remove the few lines of code that enable these things:

If you want the app to function properly, at the bare minimum you'll need an Azure account (for hosting the Azure Function code) and a Twitter developer account (for pulling in the tweets). Enter the relevant API keys for these services in the Settings.cs file.


  1. Deploy the files from each of the folders in Backend/Azure Functions to an Azure Function instance. So, you'll create an Azure function for Schedule and another for TwitterSearchQueryProvider.
  2. Update the URL of the Schedule Azure Function in the App/HGMF2017/Data/DayDataSource.cs file.
  3. Update the URL of the TwitterSearchQueryProvider Azure Function in the App/HGMF2017/Data/DayDataSource.cs file.