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Tango Sentio

Tango Sentio is a 3D Scanner Glove using the Bosch BNO055 Absolute Orientation 9-DOF sensor.

The device straps to your middle finger and scans an object as you move your hand across it.
The scan is then imported in to Rhinoceros and multiple scans can be combined to create a full 3D model.

Name derived from Latin tango: touching, and sentio: seeing.



  • Button 1 is on the left and advances the state from RUNNING to TRACKING and RECORDING.
  • Button 2 is on the right and sets the state to RUNNING effectively canceling anything you were doing.


Client Program

The client runs on the micro controller to handle button events and communicate the sensor data via serial (115200).

Server Program

The "server" is a python script that runs on your computer and reads the incoming data from the client.

Import Program

Eventually we'll also have a python script to import the data in to Rhino.

Operating the device

  1. When the device first starts up it is CALIBRATING. Go through the calibration steps below to move to RUNNING.
  2. Move your hand to a known X=0,Y=0,Z=0 location and push button 1 to move to TRACKING.
  3. Move your hand to where you would like your scan path to start and push button 1 to move to RECORDING.
  4. When you are reached the end of your scan path , push button 1 to move back to RUNNING.

Run States

  • CALIBRATING: Pixel Color = Red
  • RUNNING: Pixel Color = Green
  • TRACKING: Pixel Color = White
  • RECORDING: Pixel Color = Blue


The sensor outputs calibration data for the gyroscope, accelerometer, magnetometer, and the system as a whole in a range of 0 to 3. When the device starts up the LED will be red. Watch the serial port for the calibration data, and move the device through the calibration steps until all values are 3. The LED will turn green when this is complete.

  • Gyroscope: Leave flat on the table for a couple seconds.
  • Accelerometer: Rotate on one axis in 45˚ intervals.
  • Magnetometer: Hold vertically up, and then down.

For a more elaborate explanation of calibration you can watch the Bosch Training Video. The configuration is in NDoF_FMC_On mode so the important part is at the end of the video.

Tips, Tricks and Tools


Watch Serial Console

screen /dev/tty.usbmodem* 115200


3D Scanner Glove




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