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We have only one main branch in the JS Bin repository.

  • master: Contains the very latest stable version of JS Bin. This is the one that will be live at the moment.

All features should be created in a new branch named feature/description-of-feature eg. feature/preprocessors. A pull request should be created for each feature branch, when it's ready it'll be merged into development.

Merging pull requests

Ideally pull requests should be applied using git am as described here. GitHub happily generates this patch by applying .patch to the pull request url.

So to check a pull request does what it says it does you'll probably go through a couple of steps. From the master branch create a test branch:

$ git checkout -b pull-request-123 # Create a test branch

Then apply the users patch:

$ curl | git am

Then run and check the code works. If all's good merge it into master and push it up to GitHub.

$ git checkout master              # Jump back to master
$ git merge pull-request-123       # Merge the pull request in
$ git push origin master           # Push it up to GitHub
$ git branch -D pull-request-123   # Delete your testing branch

And you're done.

If for some reason the code fails to apply or it doesn't do what you expect you can just delete the test branch.

$ git am --abort                   # Abort if the patch failed to apply
$ git checkout master              # Jump back to master
$ git branch -D pull-request-123   # Delete the broken test branch

Then in the pull request let the original author know what went wrong.

Deleting branches on GitHub

To delete a branch on GitHub you use the following command:

$ git push origin :<branch-to-delete>
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