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  • Stats based on Google analytics -
  • keyboard shortcuts in menu
  • think about url structure (currently /edit/live is now /live)
  • detect stubbed out bin (where there's no longer an active key to write), and don't deliver the spike on those bins
  • static uploads for users
  • remove bin from my history
  • multiple templates
  • jsbin collections - I want to run a workshop and create a prefix url, that all my bins are saved to, like jsbin. com/rennes-2012/abc/1,, etc
  • delete bins from your homescreen
  • tangle
  • processors in remote rendering
  • shortcut to toggle between output, and whatever panels you had open
  • feedback to the user about number of people viewing their live bin (either through render or through watch)
  • remove sessionStorage store for panels - not required at all anymore!



  • /latest is fixed - not redirected
  • If I'm on /latest, any new updates, notify me and I can reload/live refresh if I want
  • Rewind? Possibly not.

Code Casting

  • Add data to report number of connected users
  • Add visual cue that you're following


  • UI for pre-rendering
  • "insertionPoint" means we can have more panels


  • Add gist support back in (but do it server side) - support Lea's dabblet format (but files named jsbin.html, etc)
  • Fork (as well as clone) and folk allows me to trace this heirachy of bins saved to get to this point


  • Expose API for specific tasks:
    • prefilters for panels
    • codemirror config
    • jsbin settings (key mappings?)
  • Humans.txt