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+# Features I want to see in JS Bin
+- Static uploading via zip file: the assets are available via `` etc, and dir listing on `` - note that assets should only be requestable from
+- Offline support: deliver index.html and the dynamic content through a JSON request, need to make the UI a bit more dynamic (around login/reg). Questions: can you support a) saving, b) opening old bins?
+- Timeline scrubbing: need to capture individual changes in a searate increment table (which will be HUGE) (Danny has visuals for this)
+- Remove old welcome page in favour of introduction overlay/box - this could integrate with the user's historial bins, but also shows latest videos, links to posts, tweets, etc.
+- Fork support - currently we have cloning, I want to be able to trace the history of a bin via it's fork history
+- Live error detection in the JS panels
+- Smarter share box: Danny has visuals for this too. Includes ability to select which panels you want to share, and picking a specific point in time.
+- Co-op editing? Maybe, might be a bit pie-in-the-sky.

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