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I would like to arrange the windows differently. #288

funerr opened this Issue · 4 comments

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I would like to have the ability to move a window in the horizontal plane.
Like so:

|HTML|JavaScript|Live Preview|
|Console| Css                             |

Currently they can only be ordered vertically.
Thanks in advance.


A bit like this? (it's been live for a long time, but the saving of states doesn't work, hence why no song and dance).


Yes, exactly, but how can I save the state? (If you could add that, it would be awesome - maybe with cookies/web-storage)
(That was the main problem)


Yeah, that's the bit that was hard and was dropped for release. It's something I still want to release because I don't know of any other pastebin that allows you to dynamically switch orientation using splitters.


we have this in preferences now

@allouis allouis closed this
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