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account Merge pull request #2467 from jsbin/feature/delete-account
admin Update copy for hellbanning user
partials feat: allow users to transfer their bins
sub fix: correct gratipay link
410.html Typo
423.html Fixed #1892
account.html Minor a11y changes
comment.html Prevent indexing
default.css Create templates for the default and not found panels
default.html Handle 404s on bin urls much, much earlier
default.js Removed default JS - not sure if this is permanent.
editor-settings.html feat: add codemirror 5.3
error.html CACHE-FUCK-BUST
error_email.txt Cleaned headers for error email.
features.html Added view page for features list
history.html Add explicit link to exit history view. Closes #2177
index.html fix: embed /edit wasn't redirecting to embed
invoice.html Fix discounts in the invoice
list.html Removed jquery from Grunt and changed references to the new files
login.html Add root prefix to missing links
not_found.html Handle 404s on bin urls much, much earlier
not_found.js Updated repo location
payment.html Use partial for payment
register-login.html Minor a11y changes
report.html Fixed reported pages
report_email.txt Small tweaks to layouts
request.html Greatly improve how redirects are handled. Closes #198
reset_email.txt Cleaner-ish reset password
runner.html Fixed runner when static host and dev
ssl-embed.html Embed correctly erroring on https if no pro
start.html Initial commit to remove dynamic content
upgrade.html Minor a11y changes
user.html Embed correctly erroring on https if no pro
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