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🎁 Extensive collection of composition functions for Vue


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Collection of utility composition functions for Vue

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🚀 Features

  • 20+ composition functions with more to come!
  • Bundler-friendly only imports the functions you need.
  • Well-documented and typed interfaces.
  • Zero-config server-side rendering capability.
  • Self-contained with no dependencies.
  • Backed by a team using VueHooks in production.
  • Additional addons such as vue-router, timeago, query, etc.

🌎 Ecosystem


Features VueHooks VueUse vue-composable vue-use-web
Functions 33 53 51 24
Packages 3 3 2 1
Stars 2 1.3k 260 450
Test Coverage 42% unknown 96% unknown

last updated 12/08/2020