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==================================== MAP ENGINE

This project is to serve as an open framework for easy creation of complete Python 2D games that make use of a map and scenario.

The engine defines base classes and utilities that will allow one to describe a game scene for either a 2D map game (an Adventure, or 2D shooter top view shooter) or a side-scrolling game (shot'em up, platformer, side-scrolling shooter) by drawwing the maps directly ina pixel-based Image editor (GIMP 2.8 will do), and implementing sub-class to describe the behavior of the various elements on the scene, and bind image_map colors to in-game objects.

The initial version uses Pygame, but the plans are to abstract that away to allow for other 2D multimedia libraries to be used (one wanted target is Brython + html5 Canvas).

The project is being created as part of the 2015 edition of the "Jovem Hacker" project in Campinas - - and to provide a code-base upon which the students can create their final projects as Python games.


The project is fairly incomplete - the idea is for one to extend, or instantiate with custom parameters the 'Scene' class, and have, before calling it a scene directory with a PNG file, where the map is saved with <scene_name.png> and a GIMP Palette (.gpl) file is saved with the <scene_name>.gpl file. The color names on the GIMP palette are used to load further png files to draw objects on the scene, as a map. Check the examples (When those are ready).

(Note: GIMP automatically saves palettes to its palettes' folder - one have to manually copy the file from, for example, ~/.GIMP/2.0/palettes to the scenes folder)


Main missing things:

  • animation support: support for some kind of animation though game sprites
  • sound support: there is no sound integration whatever
  • fully working examples for action and RPG game
  • Smooth movements: this is mostly a ' very nice to have' - currently all objects only move one block at a time. It could break things when implemented.
  • Nice support for opening/game over screens/leather board/between phases splash


  • Add support for zip and egg files (including the resources, allowing entire games to be distributted as a single file)
  • "super blocks" Game Objetcs comprised by more than one contiguous game block, (displaying a bigger image, and behavinfgg accordingly)