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Latest commit ede8c66 Feb 24, 2017 @edgemaster edgemaster generator: Correctly initialise the formatter
If there is a warning, the default string formatter seems to change and
tags are output in the default HTML format.


To install:

make init
eval `opam config env`

You can run the tool locally by opening the driver.html page.

To test jsjsref using test262:

make test_init
make test

make test tests jsjsref only at present.

Latest version of jsjsref & debugger is automatically published at:

mljsref results are tested online and results published to:


The source code for the interpreter is primarily written in a subset of OCaml with supporting runtime libraries written in both OCaml and JS.

The source code is located in the jsref directory. It can either be built using the standard OCaml compiler (to produce a result we term mljsref), or using a custom OCaml-to-JS compiler which is located in the generator directory (we term the resulting product jsjsref).

Details about the custom compilation are provided in the generator directory.

To simplify presentation of the code, a monadic binder syntax extension is used. This is also described in the generator directory.