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Scripts for estimating the security of lattice based cryptosystems
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First time users should start by generating some graphs.

Generating graphs

  This repository already contains a large database of NTRU parameters.
  Here's how to plot them on a size vs. security graph:

  1. cd plot/
  2. ./plot

  The output will be in plot/svg. Use a nice SVG viewer to explore the
  data. Mouse over a datapoint to see the corresponding parameters.

How to reproduce the data

  1. Create the directory ~/tmp/ntru_data or change the output directory
     in "" to something you prefer.

  2. Ensure that ~/tmp/ntru_data (or whatever) is empty.

  3. Run the parameter generation script:
     gp -q

  Alternatively, to reproduce data using a different version of this
  package, or that does not use the default configuration:

     gp -q config

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