My .irbrc settings for interactive Ruby
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How to install

  1. Install the prerequisite ruby gems: map_by_method, wirble, what_methods
  2. Clone this repo using git
    git clone git:// ~/projects/irbrc
  3. Symlink the file to ~/.irbrc
    ln -s ~/projects/irbrc/irbrc ~/.irbrc
  4. Run ‘irb’ and enjoy!

These settings will also affect your script/console sessions in Rails

What it does

  • Sets a shorter prompt (“>>”)
  • Saves your command history between irb sessions
  • Adds color highlighting to your output
  • Type “clear” to clear the screen (or just “c”)
  • Enables automatic indentation
  • Loads Rubygems for you
  • Loads Dr Nic’s map_by_method
  • Loads Dr Nic’s what_methods
  • Loads pp (pretty print)
  • Loads readline
  • Implements, which pretty prints the methods of an object
  • Sketches –