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@@ -24,7 +24,7 @@ rather than
== Changes in default plugins
+[Robut::Plugin::Calc] a simple calculator
Same idea as in the original, different implementation. In particular,
this plugin shells out to bc(1), which allows it to perform a few more
@@ -36,58 +36,60 @@ complex calculations (ie pretty much anything you can do with bc(1)).
?calc sqrt(99) # => 9.94987437106619954734
?calc 4*a(1) # => 3.14159265358979323844
+[Robut::Plugin::GoogleImages] does a google image search for a query
Instead of returning the first image, this invocation returns randomly one
of the first 10 images.
== Additional plugins provided in this fork
+[Robut::Plugin::Eliza] your friendly neighborhood therapist
A few Eliza- and other snarky comments to allow for moderately
entertaining dialog with the bot.
+[Robut::Plugin::Insult] don't mess with the bot
Generate an insult for somebody or something.
?insult bob
+[Robut::Plugin::Klout] your mom's got klout
Retrieve a given user's Klout score and areas of expertise.
?klout jbot
+[Robut::Plugin::Schneier] Oehpr Fpuarvre rkcrpgf gur Fcnavfu Vadhvfvgvba.
Quip a random fact about Bruce Schneier when appropriate.
+[Robut::Plugin::Shakespear] A plugin by any other name...
Generate a shakespearean insult when appropriate.
+[Robut::Plugin::Stock] How much you got?
Get the latest stock quote:
?stock yhoo
+[Robut::Plugin::Trivia] Everybody knows something.
Retrieve a useful snippet of information.
+[Robut::Plugin::Twitter] Chirp chirp.
Get twitter messages:
?twitter jschauma
+[Robut::Plugin::Wikipedia] Wiki wiki.
+Get a brief wikipedia definition
+ ?wiki cow and chicken

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