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a host scanning infrastructure
Shell Python
Latest commit 75a8e7c Jan 11, 2016 @jschauma merge changes from Yahoo
Notably, this includes:
- more efficient chunking based on input size
- use timeout(1) where available; remove dependency on tkill(1)
- misc whitespace, cosmetic changes, minor fixes


scanmaster is a set of scripts that allow you to ssh to a very large
number of hosts in parallel to run an arbitrary script on the remote side.
It works best if the scans can take advantage of a set of scanslave nodes
with access to shared NFS space, though that is not a hard requirement.

scanmaster was initially written January 2007 by Jan Schaumann while
working at Yahoo! Inc. Yahoo! open sourced the tool in the hopes that it
will be useful to other people -- unless otherwise noted, all files are
released under the terms of a 3-clause BSD license as noted in the file
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