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.\" $Id: scanslave.1 66 2011-01-28 21:59:41Z jans $
.\" $URL: svn+ssh:// $
.\" This manual page was originally written by Jan Schaumann
.\" <> in May 2009.
.Dd December 04, 2015
.Nm scanslave
.Nd invoke scanhosts on a scanning node
.Op Fl Hh
.Op Fl A Ar authmode
.Op Fl d Ar dir
.Op Fl n Ar N
.Op Fl p Ar post
.Op Fl r Ar remote
.Ar scan
.Ar chunkfile
.Op Ar -- scanhost-args
utility is part of the "scanmaster" suite of scripts.
It represents the portion of the process that runs on each scanning node
and invokes
.Xr scanhosts 1 .
It takes as input the name of a scan and the so-called chunkfile
containing the subset of hosts this scanning node should work on.
supports the following command-line options:
.Bl -tag -width A_authmode_
.It Fl A Ar authmode
Specify the authentication mode.
Valid options are "all", "password" and "pubkey".
This is passed on to the
.Xr scanshosts 1
.It Fl H
Do not use the headless user for ssh connections.
.It Fl d Ar dir
The directory under which
should create all output.
Preferably this is on an NFS share amongst all scanning nodes, though this
is not a technical requirement (it just makes postprocessing of the scan
results an order of magnitude easier).
If not specified, defaults to "/mnt/scanmaster".
.It Fl n Ar N
The number of jobs
.Xr scanhosts 1
should execute via its
.Fl n
If not specified, defaults to 175.
.It Fl p Ar post
The location of the script to be passed to
.Xr scanhosts 1
as the post-processing script.
If not specified, defaults to "./".
.It Fl r Ar remote
The location of the script to be passed to
.Xr scanhosts 1
as the script to execute on the remote hosts.
If not specified, defaults to "./".
It furthermore takes two mandatory arguments:
.Bl -tag -width chunkfile_
.It scan
The name of the scan.
This name is used in a number of places to generate output directories and
.It chunkfile
The path to the file containing the hostnames to be scanned.
Any additional arguments are passed on to
.Xr scanhosts 1 .
However, since
already uses the following flags, they should not be provided as this may
lead to undefined results:
.Fl n ,
.Fl f ,
.Fl o ,
.Fl s ,
.Fl p ,
.Fl r .
Upon invocation,
sets a few variables based on the environment (see below).
It then starts an
.Xr ssh-agent 1
and invokes
.Xr ssh-add 1 ,
passing the value of the environment variable SSH_ADD_FLAGS.
Next, it creates the output directories in the preferably shared location,
and eventually kicks off
.Xr scanhosts 1
.Xr autopw 1 .
When the scanhosts process has terminated, the ssh-agent is killed and the
crontab entries removed.
The following examples illustrate common usage of this tool.
To run a scan named "scan1", reading a list of hosts to scan from the file
"/tmp/input.list" with the script "" from the current working
directory to be executed and the script "../" used as a
per-chunk post script:
.Bd -literal -offset indent
scanslave -r ./ -p ../ \\
scan1 /tmp/input.list
To run the same scan but pass the flags "-I" and "-S" to
.Xr scanhosts 1
(which is useful when connecting to hosts that are reached via a tunnel,
such as vault hosts):
.Bd -literal -offset indent
scanslave -r ./ -p ../ \\
scan1 /tmp/input.list -- -I -S
honors the following environment variables:
.Bl -tag -width SSH_ADD_FLAGS_
Flags to be passed to
.Xr ssh-add 1 .
This allows the user to specify custom keys to be added.
The location of a temporary directory.
If not specified, defaults to "/tmp".
.Xr autopw 1 ,
.Xr checkhosts 1 ,
.Xr scanhosts 1 ,
.Xr ssh-agent 1 ,
.Xr ssh-add 1
utility was originally written by
.An Jan Schaumann
in July 2007 as "cmd.chunk".
Please file bugs and feature requests via Jira under
\'Security Architecture\' (PSECARCH), Component
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