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.\" This manual page was written by Jan Schaumann <>
.Dd February 02, 2011
.Nm tkill
.Nd kill a process if it has been running for too long
.Op Fl Phl
.Op Fl t Ar timeout
.Op Fl s Ar signal
.Ns ( Ns Ar pid Ar ... | Fl C Ar cmd | Fl c Ar cmd Ns )
utility kills a given process or process group if it has been running for
longer than the specified time.
The following options are supported:
.Bl -tag -width t_timeout_
.It Fl C Ar cmd
Kill processes by name, not by process ID.
If the given command is found to be a substring of any command in the
process table, then those processes are killed.
.It Fl P
Kill all processes whose parent is the given pid.
.It Fl c Ar cmd
Kill processes by name, not by process ID.
The given command must match exactly the command in the process table.
.It Fl h
Print a usage statement and exit.
.It Fl l
Print a list of valid signals and exit.
.It Fl t Ar timeout
Specify the timeout in seconds.
If not specified, default to 300.
.It Fl s Ar signal
Kill with the given signal, which may be either numeric or the symbolic
name of hte signal.
If not specified, kill with the TERM signal.
The following examples illustrate common usage of this tool.
To kill the processes with the process IDs 1234 1235 and 1236 if they have
been running for longer than 500 seconds:
.Bd -literal -offset indent
tkill 1234 1235 1236
To kill all the children of process ID 1234 if they have been running for
longer than one hour:
.Bd -literal -offset indent
tkill -t 3600 -P 1234
.Xr kill 1
utility was originally written by
.An Jan Schaumann
in July 2007.
Please submit bug reports and feature requests to the author.