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a signature verifying command interpreter
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 * merge changes from Y!:
   * change '-c' to '-f', since login shells might get invoked with '-c',
     which opens up the possibility of allowing a user to provide their
     own certificate via 'ssh host -- /dev/tty'
   * correct error reporting, since verifyArgs() is executed in a subshell
   * quote args to verifyArgs
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sigsh is a non-interactive, signature requiring and verifying command
interpreter. More accurately, it is a signature verification wrapper
around a given shell. It reads input in PKCS#7 format from standard in,
verifies the signature and, if the signature matches, pipes the decoded
input into the command interpreter.

	NetBSD's Veriexec
	MS Powershell ExecutionPolicy
	OpenBSD's "Stephanie" / TPE
	Linux Trusted Path Execution
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